WordPress upgrade prompts another update is going on

We all know that WordPress is as a free open source program, but the upgrade update is still very frequent. This is not, the recent May SEO blog background prompts WordPress 5.2.3 update upgrades, but May has repeatedly failed in the automatic upgrade of the background, and prompt: Another update is going on. How to break this?

WordPress upgrade prompts another update is going on

May Baidu View a lot of solutions, most of them need to change the website code or change the database code, these two methods may be feasible, but for May, if you don’t understand the code, if you accidentally change the code It is not worth the website that causes the website that cannot be visited. Therefore, May provides a simple way to do insurance, which is to manually upgrade WordPress to the latest version.

STEP 1. Download WordPress latest version

Download WordPress latest version installation package, decompress a WordPress folder, delete the WP-Content full folder.

STEP 2. Replace

Click all files and folders in the WordPress file to cover our original files;

Step 3. Upgrade Database

STEP 4. Successfully upgraded to the latest version

Whether WordPress encounters any problems during the automatic upgrade, manual upgrade is the most insurance.