WordPress SEO these regular settings cannot be ignored

1. Check your WordPress visibility settings 2. Setting up fixed link 3. Use tags and category 4. Select a SEO plugin 5. Create an XML website map 6. Internal link construction 7. Picture Optimization 8. Use SSL 9. External link use NOFOLLOW 10. Manage your security 11. Site backup 12. Select WWW or non-WWW directory

If you want to get a good rankings in the search engine result page, you need to take care of SEO optimization. If you have chosen the WordPress building station, you need to congratulations: You have saved a lot of construction time, more importantly, WordPress is friendly SEO. If you want to further enhance WordPress SEO, refer to these regular settings below.

1. Check your WordPress visibility settings

In the early days of the WordPress site, it is recommended to hide the website, which is forbidden to search engine recording; but after the website is completed, it is officially launched, and the search engine is allowed to be included.

WordPress ¡ú Settings ¡ú Visibility for Search Engine:

Note that special attention is: After the website is online, the search engine is not included in the website, and you need to check if WordPress is set to disable visibility to the search engine.

2. Set a fixed link

1. Do not appear in a fixed link date

This is based on two considerations. First, if the date appears in a fixed link, it is equal to the time of reminding the search engine: the time released by the article, especially some old articles, the search engine sees the old date, thinking is that the old content is very likely to feel that there is no need to climb again; One reason is that if you want to modify the date of the article, the link address has changed, which means that your reverse link, PR, etc.

2. Suggested classification Do not appear in a fixed link

This is where many people will ignore. It is also a question of the SEO blog at the beginning of the station, and a problem that is missing is also one of the ideas that are ignored by many webmasters. The classification has two flaws in the fixed link: First, an article will have multiple link addresses if you have selected multiple categories, which is easy to cause the engine to be punished because of duplicate content; Causes keywords and be punished by search engines.

3. Link should not be too deep

This is often seen. Many WordPress users’ fixed links are the year / month / day / classification name / article name. This too deep fixed link is very unfriend of search engines.

4. Don’t let the Chinese characters appear in a fixed link

Although the current search engine can already identify Chinese characters inside the URL address, it is very poor, whether from the perspective of the aesthetics, or from the WordPress optimization.

3. Use labels and categories

Labels and categories allow you to divide the website and blog articles separately into specific groups and extensive groups. This can improve your SEO because it allows the search engine to understand the structure of your site and the content you are actually included. Additional benefits: Labels and categories Allow visitors to quickly find what they are searching, so that you can manage all site content easier to improve user experience.

4. Select a SEO plugin

If your WordPress Chinese topic has come with SEO function, you do not need to install the SEO plug-in; if your topic is not, you need to install a SEO plugin to help you improve the whole station SEO. If you don’t know which SEO plugin is installed, it is recommended that you search for “SEO” in the plug-in library, select a plugin with more active installation.

5. Create an XML website map

An XML Site Map is code, including each page of your website for files on your web server. XML Site Map Used to help search engines look up, evaluate, and rank content on your website.

Unless you have a rich code knowledge and want to manually conduct site maps; if you don’t understand coding knowledge, the easiest way is to generate an XML website map with the SEO plug-in.

6. Internal link construction

To improve the website seo, you need to make a website internal link building to help search engines climb all over the website while helping users access the relevant content and enhance user experience!

7. Picture optimization

You can optimize almost everything on the WordPress website, including image optimization. To optimize pictures, use Image-alt-text. The search engine reads image-alt-text (description) to rank your website and determine if your image contains information to search for.

8. Using SSL

SSL (What is SSL) is a standard security technology that is used to manage the encrypted link between servers and browsers. SSL is a safe way to stay with information between your website and visitors.

For example, if someone fills in your order and lists all their credit card information, SSL is the information that the company is not intercepted by hackers throughout the process.

SSL improves SEO because search engines such as Google are looking for “safe and encrypted” connections when determining the website rankings. Therefore, if it is two identical sites, a site has SSL, and a site has no SSL, the search engine is more likely to rank the site using SSL. 9. External link uses NOFOLLOW

No challenges to other websites are not a good SEO strategy, and external links are a good thing for your own SEO. But we need to pay attention to preventing the search engine from passing the weights to the external link, so the NOFOLLOW tab can solve this problem well.

10. Manage your security

As described in the SSL certificate discussion, the search engine likes a safe site – this means that if your website is safe, your website’s permissions and ranking will increase.

It is recommended that you can install some secure plugins, such as WordFence Security or I Themes Security to enhance protection for sites.

11. Website backup

Backup website is a very important operation that SEOER must do. We cannot expect that the website will encounter a variety of burst conditions, once a fault occurs, you can quickly recover from the website backup.

12. Select WWW or non-WWW

There are two main ways to access websites through the URL – you can use the “WWW” search (so your search look like this: www.mysite.com), you can also use the “WWW” search (so your search looks Like this: mysite.com).

The search engine treats these two different URLs or formal domain names as a completely different website … this is why you need to choose a first selection. Without good or bad choices, your decision does not affect your SE, which is just a personal selection or preference.

Once you choose the appropriate option, wherever you, the form of the link appears in the form of the first choice!

To select an option, go to the WordPress Dashboard, click Settings, under General Settings, you will see the form field of the URL:

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