WordPress Installation Guide (Detailed explanation)

I. Download the latest version of WordPress II. Unzip the WordPress installer three. WordPress installation directory will be extracted by the WordPress installer.

WordPress as a free station open source program, in higher terms, it is called the Content Management System (CMS), in 2003, the first public unveiled, is developed using PHP language and MySQL database, users can support PHP and Use your own blog on the server of the MySQL database. WordPress is powerful, many plugins, easy to expand, WordPress installation and use are very convenient, from simple blogs, personal websites, works, etc., etc. Welcome construction procedures. Although it is free, it is still updated and upgraded and improves security. This article sharing: WordPress installation guide (detailed explanation).

WordPress Installation Guide (Detailed explanation)

1. Download the latest version of WordPress

On WordPress official website, you can download any language version of WordPRSS Site installer.

Simplified Chinese version download: https://cn.wordpress.org/

Traditional Chinese version download: https: //tw.wordpress.org/

English download: https://wordpress.org/download/

II. Unzip the WordPress installer

Unzip the downloaded WordPress installation package.

WordPress installation package decompression

3. Will unzip the file upload server belong to the root directory of the website

The virtual host can be uploaded by the FTP client; the server can be uploaded by remotely connecting the server or using FTP or Baota panel. Upload it under the root directory.

Four. WordPress installation

Enter your homepage address or server IP address in the browser address bar, add / wp-admin/install.php, press ENTER Enter to enter the installation page.

Select language

WordPress installation: Select language

2. Prepare database related information

WordPress installation: ready for database related information

3. Fill in the database related information

WordPress installation: Fill in database related information

4. Install

WordPress installation: installation

5. Fill in the website information

WordPress installation: Fill in the website information

At the beginning of the station, it is generally recommended to check the “Recommended Search Engine Received Site”. When the website is ready to go online, then modify it in the WordPress background, allowing the search engine index this site.

6. Installation completion

WordPress installation: installation is completed

The above is the WordPress Installation Guide (Detailed Detailed) All steps!

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