WordPress.com compares to WordPress.org Which is best for your website?

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If you are a newbie in the WordPress field, you may be confused between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. This is fully understandable because they can run on WordPress, use topics and plugins, and can be available free of charge. But there are some differences between the two, the May SEO blog is shared by: WordPress.com and WordPress.org, which is best for your website?

WordPress.com vs wordpress.org definition comparison

WordPress.com is a combination of “building your own website” platform. It is a free introduction guide that you don’t need any external host or external domain name. What you have to do is to access WordPress.com, register an account, you will be able to build your website or blog immediately.

WordPress.org is an open source website software – your website or blog operating system. The software itself does not cost any fees, but you need to have a domain name and web space or server to use it.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org cost comparison

WordPress.com offers free and advanced programs:

In fact, the free program is 100% free, no additional conditions. As part of the part, you can create a website on the subdomain of WordPress.com (such as YourSite.wordpress.com), using the up to 3GB disk space, and you can use WordPress.com your own ads on the entire website.

The expenses for advanced programs are 4 to $ 45 per month and have different features and privileges. Even the cheapest plan (called Personal) also provides a free domain name.


The WordPress.org software itself is 100% free.

However, if you really want your website to visit the public, you must purchase a virtual host and domain name yourself.

Conclusion: Which is cheap?

If you just want to start using basic personal websites, WordPress.com will be cheaper; Is WordPress.org be cheaper? Taking into account all factors, the overall words are valuable. WordPress.comwordpress.org ¡î¡î¡î¡î¡î

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org settings comparison


WordPress.com is very simple. Simply go to WordPress.com and then click the “Start your website” button.

WordPress.com will gradually guide you to complete these steps, allowing you to configure a new website in a way that is easy to master. Just enter email, website name, then select it from a set of prefablished topics.

After a few minutes, you will have a powerful website or blog that can be used normally.


It is not that simple to use WordPress.org software. You need to install the WordPress building program on your host.

Conclusion: Which is easier to set?

WordPress.com This platform is intended to make the setting process as easy as possible.

WordPress.comwordpress.org ¡î¡î¡î¡î

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org topic comparison

The theme is an integrated design package for WordPress websites. You can install them just click a few times.


The number of topics you can access depends on the specific wordpress.com program you choose:

In Free and Personal Plan, you can freely choose at 150+ free theme; in Premium, Business, and ECommerce plans, let you contact all free themes with 200+ higher-end topics


In short, WordPress.org software has thousands of free and advanced topics available.

First, you can choose from more than 7,500 free topics in the official directory of WordPress.org. You can then install any other free topics that can be found elsewhere elsewhere – there are thousands of topics.

Conclusion: Which one has more themes to choose from?

WordPress.org has thousands of topics online.

WordPress.comwordpress.org ¡î¡î¡î¡î

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org plugin quantity comparison

The plugin is an installable package that expands the default function set for the WordPress website.


It allows you to install plugins only when you use your business or ecommerce, $ 25 and $ 45 per month. In these plans, you can use more than 50,000 plugins.


You can install a new plugin on the WordPress.org website, no matter where you manage your site or pay much for the hosting payment.

By default, you can access 50,000+ plugins (the same as the plugin obtained from the Business or ECommerce program on WordPress.com), but you can also install thousands of other free and advanced plugins from the network.

Conclusion: Which is more plug-ins to choose?

WordPress.org does not have to pay additional charges, you can choose free and advanced plugins from tens of thousands of plugins.

WordPress.comwordpress.org ¡î¡î¡î¡î

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org Customization Options Comparison

In the background, WordPress.com and WordPress.org run the same software – this machine WordPress software.

However, key details about WordPress.com are placed on top of many various mechanisms, interfaces, and restrictions.

In the final analysis, the customization of the WordPress.com website is part of the work that can be done using the WordPress.org software.

Using WordPress.org, since it is completely open source, you can enter the nature of the website, change the topic, install new topics, install and configure plugins from the network, and employ professionals to customize code on your website (if needed) ), Or write a custom code.

In short, using wordpress.com, you can only perform WordPress.com allows you to perform. Using WordPress.org, you can do anything you want to do.

Conclusion: Which is better customization option?

WordPress.org You are not restricted.

WordPress.comwordpress.org ¡î¡î¡î¡î

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org Support / Help


There is no support for free.

Email and Real-Time Chat Support can be used from “Personal Plan” (from $ 4).


The official WordPress.org channel itself does not provide support. However, you can get support for the WordPress virtual host provider.

Most network hosts provide 24/7 support. If you choose the host of WordPress, you will also access the skilled WordPress custom support team.

Other things to consider:

In addition to the official support channel, you will also find a lot of suggestions and tutorials about WordPress-related topics on the Internet. We also have some available. That is, you will find that most of the content is related to WordPress.org software, and it is independent of the WordPress.com platform.

Conclusion: Which is better help?

Considering the fact that WordPress.org has no official support at all, only the third-party host provides such a fact, we still have to give WordPress.com.

WordPress.comwordpress.org ¡î¡î¡î¡î

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org Backup and Security Options Comparison


With WordPress.com, you can immediately get basic security options and built-in backups. You basically rely on the internal security of WordPress.com and all the mechanisms built around their services. It is more or less a black box, but there is no serious vulnerability or invasion.

WordPress.com will also be responsible for updating the software running under the hood.


WordPress.org software itself is transparent (everyone can see source code) and carefully constructed to comply with modern security requirements and standards.

Clean WordPress installation is very secure and will not easily invade hackers. This is enough for personal projects.

To further improve your website security (for example, if we are talking about business sites), you can install additional security plugins (such as WordFence or SUCURI).

Backup is also what you need to handle – through a plugin. Similarly, you have a lot of options (such as Backup Guard or UpdraftPlus).

When you are interpreting updates, you need halfway to execute. As long as you have available software updates, you will see update notifications in the WordPress dashboard. You can install updates one button.

Conclusion: Which is easier to maintain?

WordPress.com For maintenance, you don’t need to do anything at all. This is also true of security and backup.

WordPress.comwordpress.org ¡î¡î¡î¡î

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org earnings comparison


Free and personal websites cannot be profitable.

If you want to make money from the WordPress.com website, you need at least advanced programs.

In addition, according to the free program, WordPress.com will even display your own ad on your website, you cannot disable them.


You can make money in any way. There is no restriction. Since WordPress.org is an open source software, you can install / enable / add the required monetization methods required.

Conclusion: Which currency is best?

WordPress.org. When running WordPress.org software, you can do anything according to your own wishes.

WordPress.comwordpress.org ¡î¡î¡î¡î

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org comparison

Category WordPress.comWordPress.org cost ¡î¡î¡î¡î¡î set ¡î¡î¡î¡î topics ¡î¡î¡î¡î plugin quantity ¡î ¡î ¡î ¡î ¡î ¡î ¡î ¡î ¡î ¡î ¡î ¡î ¡î ¡î ¡î Óª Óª Ñ¡ Ñ¡ ¡î¡î¡î¡î A total of 15 stars 18 stars

As you can see, WordPress.com and WordPress.org have its own shortcomings and there is no clear winner. This depends entirely on your expectations for the website platform, how much budget is, which type of website to start.

The following points may help you make a decision:

If you just want to start a personal project (for testing, share your thoughts, hobbies, etc.), please do it on WordPress.com. You can start using it for free, and the setting is very easy, and you don’t have to worry about any maintenance. If you want to start a more serious site – whether your business website, project site or blogging can be performed on WordPress.org software. This is also your choice if you want to make profits through the website in any way, or you want to get an unlimited number of possible custom settings.