Will website security affect SEO ranking?

1. HTTPS is a ranking signal 2. Be careful to be blacklisted 3. Users need to see you trust the directory

As a SEO optimization personnel, website security is what you need seriously. If you have been optimizing the site, you may wish to stop the lives in your hands. Let’s take a look at the website security may affect your SEO.

1. HTTPS is a ranking signal

Any SEO optimization personnel know that the website must get its natural search rankings, often we are easy to get into what the Google “wants” what to see in the high-quality website, although it is not wrong to a certain extent. However, the ultimate goal of SE is not to please Google, which is to please users, solve their needs is the most important!

Although this always means providing users with relevant authoritative content, this also means that it is necessary to provide them with almost the result of safe interaction. Attributing to: Unsafe websites may endanger users online security, and may affect the SEO of your website.

In order to protect the data security on your website and let users believe your website security, you need to transform the site for HTTPS. To do this, you can choose a free SSL certificate or purchase an SSL certificate.

Now, many top-level websites use https, in fact, if you don’t do this, you might get out of time and untrusted risks. This is some reason why Google will list HTTPS as a ranking factor a few years ago. If you invest in all other aspects of SEO, you have no reason not to do HTTPS configuration for your website.

2. Beware of blacklist

Website for security does not mean that your website is actually unsafe. It is just that your website lacks protection, which is very susceptible to hacker threats.

You and your team have invested a lot of time and effort to perform SEO optimization rankings, or even if you have a website or how much content is included on the website, you should protect your website. It may be surprised that SEO is the main reason why many websites are hacked by hackers.

If you have completed any link build, you will learn about the importance of cooperation with a good reputation. If there is no protection, your website may be black because someone is placed on your website. Once it is black, it is too late. If there is a hacker attack your website and link it to some spam sites. Once the search engine is discovered, it is likely to be included in the blacklist. Even if you clea up the site after being included in the blacklist, it may take a while to return to the previous rankings.

3. Users need to see you trustworthy

Many people accessing your website are likely to be alert to some unsafe dangerous signals.

If they see there is no https in your URL, they may leave immediately. However, if they receive unsafe notices, they will close the page directly and permanently leave.

If your web page is high, it may be the reason you lack security.

Yes, you need to resolve this issue, but keep in mind that many people have had a negative experience for your website. Rebuilding the reputation takes time. To do this, make sure that users are satisfied with their experiences from your website. This is a good SEO core.

You have spent a lot of time and energy to improve the overall SEO of the website, why not put the same attention to the user’s security, especially when the user visits your website.