Why is the website to do SEO optimization or no rankings?

1. Too many competition 2. Your website has technical problems 3. Your website does not have the correct internal link structure 4. Point to your website’s reverse link 5. Your positioning intent type error directory

It is often there in a misunderstanding: it is a website to do SEO optimization will be ranked! But the last thing is willing to violate, although your website is perfectly optimized, but always can’t appear in front of the search results. What may this? This article reveals: Why do SEO optimization still do not rank?

Why is the website to do SEO optimization or no rankings?

Too much competition

In most cases, the reason why the website is not ranked is expected to compete. If you optimize your article for competitive keywords, you have too much rankings in this term, it is difficult to stand out in numerous competitors.


If you want to rank the highly competitive keywords, you should try to use long-tailed keyword strategies. Write articles for related long-tailed keywords before solving competitive keywords. If these long-tailed articles start rankings, you can also rank more competitive terms. Such strategies require long-term efforts, but in the end it will receive a return.

2. Your website has technical problems

If your site does not appear in the search engine at all, it may be that the technical issue will prevent the site from appearing in the search results. It may be caused by plug-in conflicts, and it is possible to block the search engine spider.

If you have previously ranked, but suddenly disappeared from search results, please check the security of the website and make sure you have not been invaded by hackers! If the website is invaded by hackers, the ranking of existing content will also decline. The rankings of the new article are not as easy as before. It will be carried out quite slowly. In most cases, black may not be the reason for the ranking. But make sure your security is normal!


First, make sure the website is allowed to establish an index in the search engine. If you start selecting “No”, your content will not appear in the search results! However, remember that changing the settings to allow the search engine to program your content into the index, you may still take a while to see it start ranking.

3. Your website does not have the correct internal link structure

Your content is not displayed in search results: your key part of your SEO policy is the order chaos. Do not underestimate the importance of your SEO policy (internal link structure). Clear site structure can help search engines better understand your website. If your internal link structure is not good, the ranking is highly reduced – even if your content is optimized.


Start adding these links! Make sure important articles and pages have the most internal link to them. But don’t add a link at will: make sure you add a related link, which can add value for users.

Reading Reference: “How do SEO internal links? “

4. Point to the reverse link of your website very little

If you just start using the website, the content will not rank immediately. Even each page is optimized, in order to be able to rank, you need some links to other websites.


To get (more) reverse link, you can contact additional websites. You need some friendship link construction. Please refer your website or talk about your products and link to your website.

5. Your way of positioning the type error

The last thing may be the reason why your content is not ranked: it does not match the intentions of people searching for your keyword. Today, search intentions have become more important factors for search engines: people want to buy goods, visit specific websites or find information? Even if your tail keyword is longer, even if your content does not match the main intent of the searcher, the search engine will not display it in search results, because this is not what people want.


Unfortunately, you have no need to change the intent of the search engine user. But you can adjust the content strategy. If your optimization content is not ranked, please check the search results carefully and analyze what you see. Is a specific type of result dominated? Is there a picture or video? What related queries displayed? This is your chance. If you find the main information intention of the query, you can write related content to attract people to your website and establish your brand as a reliable source.

Optimized content is not ranked?

SEO is a long-term strategy. You need to work hard and keep patient. At the same time, you can solve many other aspects of SEO (site structure, link build). Try to focus on all aspects of website optimization, and strive to achieve the best. Eventually you will get the ranking you want!