Why don’t Go Google not included your website?

1. Website domain settings are incorrect 2. Your website is not suitable for mobile devices 3. The coding language you use is too complicated to Google 4. Your website is slow 5. Your website lacks quality content 6. Your website Redirecting cyclic 8. Redirect loop 8. Error settings Disable GoogleBot crawlings 9. Your website uses JavaScript to render content 10. You did not add all domain properties to Google Search Console 11 You don’t use site map 12. Your website has been punished by Google in the past, but there is no rectification of your behavior 13. You search engine optimization is very bad catalog

Google does not include your website, there are many potential problems that may prevent Google from collecting your website, this article summarizes 13 possible reasons.

1. Website domain settings are incorrect

Google does not include your website, which may be because you use the wrong URL for your content, or it is not set properly on WordPress.

Make sure your domain setting is very important, it is best to take 301 jumps from the WWW version page (301 redirection) to the domain name.

2. Your website is not suitable for mobile devices

A website suitable for mobile devices is critical to enabling your website by Google because it introduces mobile priority.

No matter how good your website is, if you don’t optimize your view on your smartphone or tablet, you will lose rankings and traffic.

Mobile optimization is not difficult – simply add responsive design principles to ensure that users find the content they need without encountering any navigation issues.

3. The coding language you use is too complicated to Google.

If you use complex coding languages, Google is also likely to collect your website. I suggest you use Google’s Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool to view your website’s friendliness of your website (and make any fixes that may require).

If your website is not passed on Google’s Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool, they will provide a large number of resources, which contain various design guidelines that may occur when designing response web pages.

4. Your website is slow

The slow-loaded website is not conducive to being included by the search engine. If your site takes a long time to load, this may be due to many different factors.

It may even be too much content on the page, and the user browser cannot handle, or you are using a limited resource limited older server.

Solution: Use Google Page Speed ??Insights to help our website need to make adjustments and optimizations when they improve their speed.

5. Your website lacks quality content

Good content is the key to attracting search engines and users. Website content is excellent and rich, can provide users with solving problems or different views with other websites, if the unique content is missing, and less content is short, and even have too many minority content with other websites, it is easy to determine For low quality websites, thereby affecting the inclusion of the website.

6. Your website is not friendly with visitors and does not attract visitors.

It is important to have a friendly and fascinating site for good SEO. If the visitor is easy to find the content they are looking for and have a clear website navigation, Google will rank your website higher in search results.

Google does not want users to spend too much time on a page, and these pages are either loaded, navigation is chaotic, or because there are too many interference (such as the first screen advertisement).

7. Redirect circulation

The redirect loop is another common problem that blocks the included. These are usually caused by common spelling errors, which can be repaired by the following steps:

Find a page that leads to redirect loops. If you are using WordPress, find your article’s HTML source code in this page or .htaccess file, then find “Redirection 301” to see which page is tried to boot traffic. Fix any 302 redirection and make sure they are set to 301 is also worth it.

Use “Find” in Windows Explorer (if you are Mac, use Command + F) to search all files that contain “redirect” until you find the problem.

Repair any spelling error, so as not to repeat the URL address to point to itself, then use the following redirection code:

State code such as 404 is not always displayed in Google Search Console. Use Screaming Frog and other external crawl, you can find 404 and other errors.

If everything is normal, use Google Search Console On-Site to grab this site again and reap it to an index. If there is any new warning that needs attention, please wait around the week, then re-check it with Google Search Console. Google does not have time to update their index every day, but they do try it every few hours, which means that even if you know that the content has been updated, your content may not display immediately.

We must keep patience! It should soon be included.

8. Error Settings Forbidden Googlebot to capture your website

Check if there is a search engine to grab your website. Set the Robots.txt file and do the following:

Make sure your Robots.txt file does not have the following:

User-agent: * dispow: /

The slash indicates that the Robots.txt file is blocking all the pages in the root folder. Make sure the robots.txt file is like this:

User-agent: * disallow:

It is forbidden to be blank, which tells the crawler that they can climb and include each page on your website without restrictions.

9. Your website uses JavaScript to present content

JavaScript alone does not always lead to complex issues of the inclusion. No rules say that JS is the only thing that will lead to a problem. You must view each site and diagnose the problem to determine if this is a problem.

One problem with JS work is when JS prevents crawling by creating dark things – may be similar to camouflage technology.

If you have rendered HTML with the original HTML, and the link in the original HTML is not in the HTML rendered, Google may not capture or record the link. Due to these types of errors, the presented HTML is critical to the original HTML problem.

If you have to hide the JS and CSS files, please don’t do this. Google has mentioned that they want to see all of your JS and CSS files while grabbing.

Google hopes that you can hold all JS and CSS to capture. If you block any of these files, you may need to cancel them and allow full grab to provide Google’s views of your website they need.

10. You didn’t add all domain properties to Google Search Console

If your domain has multiple variants, especially when you migrate from http: //, you must add and verify all domain variants in Google Search Console. Make sure that no domain variants are lost when they add them to GSC, this is important.

Add them to GSC and make sure you verify that you have ownership of all domain properties to make sure you are tracking the correct properties.

11. You don’t use site maps

Site Map is a list of all pages on your website, and Google finds a way you have. This tool will help ensure that each page is captured and included by Google Search Console.

If you don’t have a site map unless you currently have an index and receive traffic, this almost any website is difficult to ensure that all pages on your website have been indexed by the search engine, so I suggest your website. Use the site map.

However, it is necessary to note that the HTML site map has been deprecated in Google Search Console. Today, the preferred format of the site map is an XML site map.

12. Your website has been punished by Google in the past, but it has not been rectified for your behavior.

If you have been punished before and not clean up your behavior, Google does not print your site in an index.

If your site is punished, the safest way is to completely clean your previous behavior. You must have a new content and re-build a website or reuse a new domain name to build a new website, which is generally recommended.

13. Your search engine optimization is very bad

The SEO technology correctly is worth it: Google and your users will fall in love with you.

If you don’t know how to optimize SEO, you will wish to learn the SEO blog; or find a regular SEO optimization company to help you.

Do this, you can greatly improve your website in Google! Let’s try it!