Why do you need Quora?

What is quota? Why do you need Quora? content

Have you hoped to have a platform, even if you work hard to make your blog, you can bring your blog for a long time. Ok, don’t read it again, because you use Quora! It is an effective and almost ignored content marketing tool, as long as you use it correctly, it will have a lasting effect. The traffic generated by Quora is Google certified. But many marketing people have ignored this platform. This article share why do you need to use quota?

Why do you need Quora?

What is quota?

Quora is an Q & A community that can raise questions or answer questions on the platform, which is why 300 million people like to access it. Many users try to find the answer on Quora instead of Google.

Why do you need Quora?

Quora provides huge opportunities for people and businesses, just answer questions, you can get traffic. The first reason is obvious: Quora is the fastest growing website and has exceeded 6 million months per month.

1. Brand awareness

There is no doubt that Quora is an excellent brand visibility platform because thousands of people can see your answer. And you don’t need any funds, you only need to answer your product or service free of charge on Quora. Of course, this is a visibility of a brand that spends a time instead of spending money. If you spend 30 minutes a day, you will answer a question, then you will find someone will consult your product or service, there will be more People know your brand.

2. Effective traffic

When answering questions about quora, do the following:

1. Establish a credibility in the answer title

This is critical because most users will read the title first. It allows you to get a brand awareness.

In addition, people expressed doubts about the answers to other people outside the reading theme expert. The website domain name is included in the title helps to establish a credibility.

Another example is to include your work role in the title. If someone mentioned that he is an electrical engineer and wrote an answer about SEO, no one will take their suggestions seriously.

Therefore, you should include as many key information as possible in the title. Let users have reason to trust you and visit your website.

Of course, it is possible to short, professional, and have certain credibility.


User is impressed with your answer, and you may learn more about you. When people start like you, they will start paying attention to you and start reading your future answers. That’s why you should pay some extra efforts to make your personal profile to attract people, and join a CTA to prompt users to access your website.

3. Guide users to enter your website

In order to use your home link, you need to write a perfect answer. Therefore, writing skills are the key to success. Then insert a link in the key section, guide the user to click to enter your website.

You can attract traffic to your website through the quora answer through the quora answer:

a. Write an incomplete list. For example, your answer has 7 points, but you only write 3 points, then tell people that they can read the remaining four points left on your site (and view through the link).

b. Use internal links. Once the user enters your website, make sure to include a critical link (with a valid anchor point), which will guide them to other pages of your website.

3. Get emerging content ideas

Every day, thousands of Quora users asked thousands of questions. People tend to ask some questions you can’t easily find on the Internet. This is because we face a unique problem every day. Need a unique solution.


If you haven’t used Quora marketing, use it!