Which redirection should I use 302 and 307?

302 Redirection and 307 are redirected to be used in content being temporarily moved, but there are still some technical differences between the two.Then which one I should use?

In almost many cases, 302 and 307 are redirected as the same.But 302 redirect does not necessarily mean that the client must follow the reordering; 307 will strictly follow, the GET request must be GET, and the POST request must be POST.

However, use 302 redirects, some old or vulnerable clients may change the method, resulting in unexpected occurrence; for temporary redirection, you can use 302 or 307, but May personal prefers 307.

Redirection Type With Example 302 Redirection Content Temporary Mobility, the HTTP method can change the 307 redirect content temporary movement, and the HTTP method remains unchanged.