When is the 301 redirection and 302 redirection?

301 Redirection When used to use 301 redirection? 302 Redirection When does 302 redirection? 301 Redirection and 302 redirection? content

There are many newcoming SEO optimizations may be confused by the 301 redirect and 302 redirects, and when used will be confused. In fact, the reliance is the process of turning a URL to another URL.

301 redirection

The 301 redirect (HTTP status code 301) conveys the permanent content of the content migration and tells the search engine to pass the weight and correlation to the new URL.

When will I use 301 redirection?

1. Point to any time the link is sent to the desired page. A typical example is a web page or website that merges two permanent migration.

2. There are several URLs to access your website. Select a URL as a preferred destination, then use 301 redirection to direct the traffic to the preferred URL or the new URL.

3. You have moved the site to a new domain name, and you want to transition from the old website to a new website as seamlessly as possible.

4. You are performing the migration from HTTP to HTTPS.

302 redirection

302 Redirection (HTTP Status Code 302) Commands that the content has been temporarily moved and the search engine needs to keep the old URL in the index. Therefore, the search engine does not pass the weight and correlation of the URL to the redirective target.

When is 302 redirection?

1. Redirected URL due to promotion

2. A / B test

3. Temporary changes

301 Redirection and 302 redirection?

Redirect Type Case Pass SEO Value 301 Redirect Content Has permanently Move ¡Ì302 Redirect Content Temporary Move ¡Á