What is the OG protocol (what is helpful to Google SEO optimization)

1. What is the OG protocol? 2. What is helpful to Google SEO? content

Sour time I found an option “Show OG Protocol Tag” in the Begin Topic Option, there is no more concern. Today, when I analyzed some domestic and foreign blog source code, I found that there were a few words in Meta information, such as:

When I looked back, I found out that there was, this suddenly remembered that there was a corresponding setting in my topic option. Since there is an OG protocol, it is necessary to help SEO optimization. So Baidu Google has some of them to organize documents to the OG protocol to optimize documents and share it with everyone.

1. What is the OG protocol?

The English “of the OG protocol is Open Graph Protocol, first we look at Baidu Encyclopedia explanation:

Open Graph Communication Agreement (Protocol itself is a specification that develops a set of metatags, used to mark your page, tell us which type of real world item represents which type of real world items.

Open Graph Communication Agreement (Protocol itself is a specification that develops a set of metatags, used to mark your page, tell us which type of real world item represents which type of real world items. Another partner website, namely Amazon’s Internet Movie Database (IMDB), will use this Open Graph Protocol for each movie label page. Press the “Like” button on the IMDB to automatically join the movie to the “favorite movie” in the Facebook user profile.

Facebook has been in cooperation with Yahoo, Twitter adopts OAuth 2.0 certification standard. Graph API refreshed Facebook’s platform program code, allowing each item in Facebook with a unique ID. The network constructed by Open Graph will be connected to the network, which will create a smarter, more intelligent connection, and more quote more loser.

Look at Baidu Encyclopedia has some complicated, in fact, we can understand this: After adding OG protocols on the web, it has become a “rich media object”, which means that it agrees to be referenced by other social media websites. Any page will follow the Social Media SNS website when it is shared on the social media SNS website. There may be questions about some small partners: What is the most effective information? Let’s take a look at what the OG protocol label contains?

OG: TYPE page content type, WordPress blog typically uses Article article type. OG: Title This is a brief description of the article title OG: Description page, WordPress can use the article summary og: site_name page where the site name, WordPress uses blog site name OG: URL article page URL address OG: image article µØÖ· µØÖ· Address

Lift a chestnut, convenient for everyone:

One of our articles shared by Facebook, and the OG protocol will tell Facebook sharing on how to display on Facebook, such as “OG: Title”, display in Facebook’s title bar; “OG: description” The content is a description bar displayed on Facebook; the thumbnail also displays the picture specified by “OG: Image”. That is, the OG protocol tells Facebook: You have to use the content you specified in my OG protocol, I said A is A, you have to listen to me! Can’t adjust the content in my article freely.

2. What is helpful to Google SEO?

1. Share the social media SNS website, which is conducive to communication

Previously, social media websites were free to transfer the website content, often unable to display well, the user experience poor. The existence of the OG protocol allows the website content to be shared by the social media SNS website and greatly enhance the user experience. Help us to better spread content in the SNS network.

2. Convenient search engine spider to extract the website content more accurately

2010 Facebook announced the Open Graph Protocol content agreement, the purpose is to quickly spread to high quality content. For Google SEO optimization, from historical data, social media is an important factor affecting ranking, especially to share article content to social media, which is necessary, it is necessary. Help search engine spiders extract the website content more accurately.

In addition, add it, may have a small partner, if you add an OG protocol to the website?

Use the WordPress to build a small partner, you can use the OG protocol plugin directly, go to the plugin; not using WordPress’s small partner, contact website administrators directly, add OG protocol labels in the HEAD tab.

Reasonable use OG protocol, is very advantageous for Google SEO optimization.Little friends, do you have an OG protocol label on your website?Keywords: OG protocol