What is the first choice?How to set up a website preferred domain?

1. What is the first domain? 2. How to set up a website preference? content

For the SEO novice friends who have just gotten, occasionally hear the station long circle is talking about the first choice. At first, you may feel a little strange, even not thinking; but as SEO optimization is constantly, you will find a lot of problems. It comes from the original value of the first choice. So what is the first choice? How to set up a website preferred domain?

1. What is the first domain?

The first domain you can easily understand that you want the search engine to program the domain name of the index, simply, is the preferred domain name of the website. It is usually chosen between the top domain name and the secondary domain name. Common is the option to bring WWW and the WWW domain name.

Let’s take an example, this is one of the few views of many webmasters ignored: assuming that you have not set a first-selection field, half of the station is linked to: www.yourdomain.com; the other half links youDomain.com. For the user, it is seen that the same page; but for the search engine, it is the same page corresponding to two different URLs, causing repetition.

When one of our websites need to do a good job is to determine a good first choice, let the website URL of the entire website regulate, and lay the foundation for future SEO optimization.

For example: May SEO blog selection is the top domain name may90.com as the first selection of websites. When you add WWW before May90.com, you will automatically jump to may90.com.

Is it a WWW domain name as a preferred domain?

This has no clear answer. It is recommended to read “The domain name is WWW or no WWW which is more conducive to SEO optimization.”

2. How to set up a website preference?

301 redirection

When the first choice is determined, use 301 redirection to jump to one of the most commonly used techniques that are most commonly used in the first optional domain. In order to avoid searching engines to capture multiple domain entrances, there is a problem that repeatedly included. The 301 redirects to the first selection is conducive to the focus of weight.

Only do the domain name analysis of the first choice

When domain name analysis, only the resolution of the first choice. Although this method can avoid searching engines repeatedly included, there will be many defects, which do not recommend it.

URL standardization

Once you have determined a good preference, you must ensure that the URL standardization of the entire site is that the website link is still in this site or other sites, you need unified URLs, such as the SEO blog of May, the first choice of May90.com, the entire website URL regardless In any place, use the inner chain and the outer chain to use the first choice, and the uniform is consistent: https: //may90.com.

The first choice for the SEO optimization has a great impact on the later SEO optimization. It is recommended that we should do the first domain planning and related settings before the website is online. For the choice of the top-level domain or a secondary domain name, it is recommended that you choose according to your own actual situation. But once it is determined that the first choice is determined, whether the inner chain is still the outer chain, it must be unified URL to ensure the entire website URL standardization. The above is about the relevant knowledge of the first choice, only for your reference. If you want to learn more SEO knowledge, you may wish to sweep the WeChat public number below.