What is the black hat SEO?What are the common black cap SEO technology?

1. Hidden text 2. Negative redirection 4. Misleatic redirection 5. Duplicate content 6. Automatically generated content 7. Bridge 8. Key words stack 9. Spam Review 10. Link Farm 11. Click Quick Directory

When talking to SEO technology, there are actually three different forms: white cap seo, gray cap SEO and black cap SEO.

White Hat SEO focuses on implementing SEO strategies designed for users (rather than search engines) and catering to search engine rules. (First of all, the user, followed by search engine)

It is a sharp contrast to this is a black hat. The black cap SEO focuses on the search engine algorithm, with spoofing and un moch technology to improve the website rankings. In addition, the black cap SEO strategy may focus on manipulating website crawling programs to increase site traffic, rather than providing high quality content. (First of all, search engines, not users)

The gray cap SEO is in the middle, implements a strategy including white hat and black hats. Although people who use the gray cap strategy may inadvertently or inadvertently violate certain rules or moral standards, they don’t have a malicious intention of typical black cap SEO.

What are the common black cap SEO technology?

Hidden text

Hidden text is any text that the search engine can read but users can’t read. Hide on the page that is not related to the page

In the content, it is tried to operate the page in search results. For example, text font is ultra-small, text and back

The color of the scene is the same.

2. Cloak

The cloak method refers to a webpage has two different versions, one version to capture the search engine; then another version

This browsing for users. Just like a cloak to cover up the real content, especially some gray or black industries, this is a serious deceivement of search engines.

3. Mistortion Redirection

Mistortion Redirection is to point the link to a different page for the user and the search engine. Or redeal the high quality page to the low quality page to try to improve the search rankings of the low quality page.

4. Key words filled

Key words fill refers to filling content with irrelevant keywords to try to manipulate the page in search results. This can also lead to your page for unrelated queries.

5. Duplicate content

Duplicate content refers to the creation of “replication and paste” content, which is well known to the cross-domain, means that copying content blocks from different sources are completely matched or seem very similar. Search engines prefer unique content, which is one of the worst black hat technologies that deliberately replicated in different fields. This is obviously a flag that manipulates the search engine ranking when the search engine search result list is found, and it usually leads to a bad user experience.

The duplicate content refers not only to different domains, but also involves a domain, that is, the content of the website under the same domain has exactly the same or similar, which is very unfriendly.

6. Automatically generated content

Automatically generated content is automatically generated by using programs, the main purpose is to manipulate the search rankings of the site without blowing the effort. This means that the content of the website that uses these content is very low and cannot provide any useful information to users accessing their users.

7. Bridge

Bridges also called: doors, jump, transition pages, usually use software to automatically generate a large number of web pages containing keywords, and then automatically turn to the home page from these pages. The aim is to hopes that these bridges that target the target of different keywords are ranked in the search engine. When the user clicks on the search results, the user will automatically transfer to the home page without spot. Sometimes, put a link to the home page on the bridge page without automatic steering, prompting the user with a striking text to enter the home page. In most cases, these bridges are generated by software, and the generated text is messy, no logic.

8. Key words stacking

Key words stacking is one of the black cap SEO method. Improve keyword density by improving keyword density through a large number of keywords in the website, thus achieving the effect of improving keyword rankings.

9. Spam commentary

Automatically publish the website link as a comment to another website comment area to increase the number of import links. Especially in some WordPress comment areas.

10. Link Farm

A webmaster or a team operates dozens of or even hundreds of websites, there is not much or any useful information on the website, and links to each other through the site to get ranking in a short time.

11. Click the quick row

Imitate the user search and click by program a large number of IP switches.

What is the consequence of the black cap SEO?

Black cap SEO can eventually lead to lower search ranking, or even disappear from search results from search results. Since the black cap SEO technology is obviously violated by the search engine guide, if the search engine may punish it, it is forbidden to appear on the search results page.

Black cap SEO strategy will bring bad user experience, which leads to users to leave the page. It can also make the brand to be garbage and is not credible.

If you want to get long-term search visibility and establish trust with users, avoid using a black cap SEO.