What does UGC mean?What is the impact of the UGC content for SEO?

What does UGC mean? What is the impact of the UGC content for SEO? content

What does UGC mean?

UGC is the English first letter of user generated content, translated is the content created by users. It may be the user’s comment on an article on your website, or it may be a problem or insight of users. It is also possible to be uploaded. Pictures, videos, etc.

From the perspective of SEO, UGC content is one of the SEO personnel to develop a search engine marketing policy, and actively guide users to create valuable content.

What is the impact of the UGC content for SEO?

1. Improve the website update frequency

Sustic content creation of SEO personnel is a very difficult task, often requires a lot of time and money investment. The UGC content is the user generated, and it is possible to have a constant original content, which can achieve the value of the value of the brand or business with the least investment, and greatly improve the frequency of website update, attracting the spider frequent visit. Website, increase Baidu included.

2. Cover more long tail keywords

The content of users is very helpful to override more long-tailed keywords, triggering your website in the related search engine results, attracting more potential customers who are interested in brands or business.

3. Improve brand trust

The content generated on the website will help you better understand their needs, and their comments will get more trust in other users, and even the user contains product issues will increase trust. With the increase of trust, sales will also increase, with the increase in sales and your traffic increase, your brand will receive other users’ recognition and evaluation. Therefore, users play an important role in increasing traffic, increasing sales, and strengthening corporate brands.

4. Improve the keyword rankings

Since most UGC contents on the website are expanded around the brand or business, they may also contain attributes such as the same keywords, thereby improving the website related keyword rankings.

Summary: UGC content is a good way to resolve website creation. Of course, SEO optimizations also need to manage, especially those that are not paid to the unaffected and unaffected, not only have been influenced by your brand or business, but may even have a negative impact on search results; Some low quality content and some spam comments with link addresses, so properly manage UGC content is particularly important!