What do you need to create a SEO optimization team?

I. Director of SEO. Web designer three. SEO optimization four. Back-end technician catalog

In today’s current “expensive as gold”, enterprises are better developed by themselves, which constantly expand marketing channels, there will be a sub-traffic focus on search engines, so I will open a SEO optimization department, accurately, it should be network promotion Department. May wants according to its own experience and current network promotion industry status quo, which people need to create a SEO team at least?

First. SEO supervisor

As the leader of the SEO team, the SEO is a high technology level and rich experience in practical experience;

1. Familiar with major search engines and SEO principles and ranking rules;

2. Develop SEO objectives and SEO strategic planning;

3. Website data monitoring, strong data analysis capabilities;

4. Responsible for the training and coordination of the SEO team, continuously improve team membership skills;

5. Understand website construction, HTML code, basic programming framework knowledge, background maintenance, etc .;

6. Excellent leadership, personnel management and communication skills.

II. Web designer

1. Design and optimize the design software of Photoshop, AI, etc.

2. Excellent HTML, CSS and other front-end code, familiar with the website construction process and web design and production process;

3. Have good aesthetic capabilities, keen user experience observation.

3. SEO optimization

1. Key words mining, analysis and optimization;

2. Reasonable station optimization (keyword layout and optimization, content editing, internal link optimization, code optimization, picture optimization, etc.);

3. There is a planned development and optimization promotion;

4. The social media account content is released, the participation of the blog forum and other participation;

5. Monitoring, organizing, analyzing websites, traffic, rankings, etc.

Fourth. Back-end technicians

1. According to the features of SEO optimization, the website architecture and construction;

2. Server configuration and domain management;

3. Management, configuration, maintenance of the website background, guarantee that the website is safe and reliable;

4. Cooperate with the SEO optimization personnel to normalize the URL, set Robots.txt, 404 pages, 301 jump, and so on.

The SEO optimization department will vary depending on the demand for different companies. Some SEO optimization sites are only 1 person, and some are 4 ~ 5 people, and the big companies have even 20 to 30 people. But no matter what, in a team we must try to play our own strengths, constantly study, and accumulate experience. The above is the May personal opinion, and it is also my ideal SEO team.