What cases need to delete Baidu index?

In Baidu SEO optimization, a website is only included in Baidu, and there will be an opportunity to be indexed, and it is possible to get ranking. So we often try to increase Baidu included, and you can query Baidu index; however, in some cases, many webmasters hope that Baidu can delete indexes, this is something wrong? Let’s talk together: What are the cases need to delete Baidu index?

1. The page has been deleted

Sometimes the page is deleted for some reason, such as the page content error or outdated or contain illegal vocabulary, etc., never want the user to see our content.

2. Website content change

For example, your previous website is selling fruit; but because new business needs, sales of electronic products, in the case of unchanged more domain names, the previous sales fruit page needs to be deleted, realize new business transformation, etc.

3. A large number of repetition content

Your Baidu index has risen sharply, and the data is completely unreal. At this time, you need to be vigilant, it is very likely caused by the dynamic parameters of your website. At this time, you need to static or pseudo static treatment first, then Delete the index.

4. Website is hanging black chain

If your website is black, encounter illegal information such as hanging black chain, it is also necessary to be indexed by Baidu, which is required to remove index as soon as possible to avoid the entire station.

5. Collecting the article in a large number of people

The original site is unsatisfactory to collect the article in the order, and later found a lot of keywords in the website fell sharply, only to realize the seriousness of the problem. At this time, you need to delete the acquisition articles that have been indexed. This way we have the possibility of recovering the previous keyword rankings.

The above is for your reference only. In the future SEO optimization, it is inevitable that various unknown situations are encountered, and we need to delete Baidu indexes.