What are the elements of the SEO elite blog?

1. Improve website loading speed 2. Website security 3. Reasonable website hierarchy 4. Have user friendly URL 5. Responsive design 6. Quality content that meets user needs 7. Optimize the picture to attract more traffic 8. Influential catalog

Do you want your website to become a SEO elite blog? Who is not! As a blog stationmaster, I always hope that my blog can stand out. What kind of blog, what are the elements of the SEO elite blog?

1. Improve website loading speed

The page load speed is a ranking factor, which means that if you want to surpass the competitors, you need to make the page loaded faster.

Excellent SEO Elite Blog needs to create a good browsing environment for users, only in this way can keep users. Imagine: If a website is open, it is very slow, even completely can’t open, and the blog can not make the user discovery, so improve the website loading speed is especially important!

2. Website security

After starting the blog, it is recommended to install the SSL certificate immediately, so that the website can be accessed via HTTPS, avoiding your website to display a warning “unsafe” in the browser address bar. Compared with websites without SSL certificates, whether search engines or users are, it is easier to get their favor and trust.

3. Reasonable website hierarchy

A reasonable website hierarchy is a way to build a website level in a way that is easy to visit. Make sure that each page on the website can easily access and can know the location where each page is in the site; in addition, make sure that each page on the website, especially important pages, just a few steps from the home page.

Also reasonable sidebar, bottom column … joining the link to the important page, there is also a very important active promotion of SEO optimization of the website.

4. Have a user-friendly URL

To ensure that you have user-friendly URLs, the URL looks smaller and descriptive. At the same time, make sure that each page corresponds to a unique URL address.

5. Response design

At present, many search engines use mobile priority indexes, that is, even search is on the computer, it will also view your mobile website to determine how to rank them in search results, so that the website can browse on the mobile device very important.

In addition, more and more people are used to searching on mobile phones, and mobile traffic is not underestimated in the future. Therefore, the site response layout has become a major mainstream trend now or even future.

6. Quality content that meets user needs

When plans to create a blog post, the user intention research is the first thing you should consider. Understand what kind of keywords searching in the search engine are looking for and expect to find what they want, and carry out a quality article to solve the user’s problem.

There is no search quantity of keywords, even if you write it again, there are also less people to ask for their value.

7. Optimize the picture to attract more traffic

Picture optimization is one of several views that are often ignored by the webmaster. Appropriately optimize pictures, your picture will appear in the search engine image library and attract more traffic for the blog.

The webmaster needs to do it is to add Alt text in the picture to help the search engine to identify the image content and help potential users find your site when searching for pictures and visits.

8. Have an influence

When measuring the SEO elite blog, refer to its influence is an important indicator. That is to say, this blog should have a certain reputation and is well known by everyone. It can be initially determined by the following dimensions:

1. Website Weight

The weight of the website can reflect the SEO optimization capability of a site. Among them, the Baidu Weight is an example, the more traffic, the higher the weight, and the stronger the keyword ranking ability.

2. Number of reverse links

The more reverse links, especially the number of one-way links in other websites, the greater the visibility of the website.

3. Social media exposure

Social media is based on people who share opinions, experiences and views between people. If you or your website is mentioned by many people, or your article or view is forwarded or recommended by a large number of industry experts, you can explain that you or your website has certain influence.

SEO elite blog, is not to be done by simple cheating means. The eight elements mentioned above, the May SEO blog also is far from the difference, only the hard work, ï¬ï¬ ï¬ÐÐ …