WeChat applet for free development of WordPress blog

2. WeChat Applet Registration and User Registration III. Configure HTTPS 4. Install WordPress plug-in: REST API TO MiniProgram 5. Install WordPress version of WeChat applet and configure 6. WeChat applet publishing directory

Wechat applet believe that everyone is familiar with, everyone has many Wechat applets on their mobile phones. Recently, I browsed a lot of big guys’blogs and found that their blog’s micro-mail programs have already been online one after another. May has to keep up with the big guys, maybe one day May will become the big guys in the industry (giggling), and look forward to that day. Let’s get the sleeves pumped dry ~~

premise: Don’t ask why your little buddy who doesn’t know the code follows May’s steps step by step? Of course, the source code should be backed up to avoid code clutter. Remarks: The following open source programs are from Watchdog Blog, and hereby declare. In order to serve a wide range of friends, May organized this article and personal practice. In case of infringement, please contact May to delete. In addition, if you make two changes to the open source version, please do not delete the author information of Watchdog at the top, thank you. P>

1. WordPress Settings

1. Use WordPress4. Versions 7 and above do not require rest JSON API plug-ins to be installed. P>

2. To access the API normally, there are two steps to complete:

Step1. Set up a fixed link for WordPress

Step2. URL Rewrite, which sets the pseudo-static

of WordPress Note: If your site has URL Rewrite set, you can ignore this step. If no URL rewrite is set, select the appropriate action based on your server. P>

1). Apache Server

May is currently using Ali Cloud Virtual Host, which is owned by Apache. Add it in the root directory of the WordPress website. Htaccess file, add URL rewrite code:

# BEGIN WordPress RewriteEngine OnRewriteBase/RewriteRule ^index. Php$- [L] RewriteCond%{REQUEST_FILENAME}!- FRewriteCond%{REQUEST_FILENAME}!- DRewriteRule. / Index. PHP [L] IfModule># END WordPress

2). Nginx server

Add a conf file such as wordpress. Conf, add the URL rewrite code:

location/ {try_files $uri $uri/ index.php?$args;}3). IIS 7 Server

The URL Rewrite Module needs to be installed. On the web. Add URL rewrite code to config file:

2. Weixin Applet Registration and User Registration

Baidu Search for “Weixin Applet_Weixin Public Platform”

Select the subject type according to your own actual situation, May’s blog is personal, so choose “personal”. If it is a company, choose Enterprise. Then complete the registration and user registration. P>

3. Configuring HTTPS

requires HTTPS for requests such as requests from the WeChat applet, and you can ignore this step if your site already supports HTTPS. If your website has not started HTTPS yet, you can refer to “Open the full operation version of HTTPS with Aliyun CDN”. P>

4. Install WordPress plug-in: REST API TO MiniProgram

Watchdog developed this plug-in as a supplement to the api, which is basically customized according to the official API secondary open specification. P>

1. Download the plug-in, extract code: 1upu

REST API TO MiniProgram plug-in

2. Install Plug-ins

WordPress Background-Plug-ins-Install Plug-ins-Upload Plug-ins-Upload Plug-in Installation Packages-Enable

3. Set Plugin

WordPress Background-Setup-WeChat Applet Settings

3.1. Copy your AppID and AppSecret (found in the WeChat Applet_WeChat Public Platform you just registered); P>

3.2. Business Number, Business Payment Key, Payment Description, Set Up Again; P>

3.3. The first page of the applet slides the article ID, which you can interpret as the ID of the article in banner on the first page of the applet. The number in the link at the bottom left is the article ID. P>

5. Install WordPress version of WeChat applet and configure

1. Download the Wechat applet development tool, extract code: o8c5

Wechat applet development tool

2. Download Watchdog WordPress version Wechat applet, unzip and install

a. WordPress version Wechat applet (windows 64 bit), extract code: d749

WordPress version Wechat applet (windows 64 bit)

b. WordPress version Wechat applet (windows 32 bit), Extraction code: 1xyc

WordPress version WeChat applet (windows 32 bit)

c. WordPress version Wechat applet (Mac OS), extraction code: l95o

WordPress version Wechat applet (Mac OS)

3. Import Watchdog WordPress WeChat applet

3.1. New Project

Project Directory: Select the unzipped Watch Xuan WordPress version of WeChat applet winxin-app-watch-life. Net-master folder

AppID: copy and paste your own AppID

Project name: Name yourself

3.2. Modify config. JS file

Modify elsewhere according to your actual situation. Please keep the top open source author’s information. P>

4. Upload

6. WeChat Applet Publish

Go Publish

2. Confirm submission for review

3. Configure the feature page and submit an audit

4. Waiting for approval

5. Completed

May’s WeChat applet has not been released yet. There are still some functions that need to be modified and optimized. We plan to launch the WeChat applet at the end of the month. Please look forward to ~

writing January 9, 2019: The WeChat applet was originally scheduled to go online at the end of the month, and May has been obsessed with it, so it was finished ahead of time and is now online. Welcome to visit. P>

I hope you can support me a lot ~Thank you ~

June 25, 2019 Supplement: My applet has been temporarily closed due to lack of energy to operate. The above steps are OK. P>