Website open speed test (newcomer SEO must-have tips)

Tool 1. Baidu Statistics – Website Speed ??Diagnostics Tools II. )content

The website of the website is critical to a website, directly determines the user’s stay, will also affect the ranking of the website in search results. I think many people will have this experience: no one is willing to open a snail-like website. How is your website open speed? May SEO blog shared you: Novice SEO must-have tip – Website open speed test.

Tool 1. Baidu Statistics – Website Speed ??Diagnostics

Baidu statistics comes with the website speed diagnostics. This tool does not distinguish desktop equipment and mobile devices, which gives the page to open time-long optimization suggestions, but cannot identify the character set declaration, the most deadly is not supported by the speed of the HTTPS website. So this tool can only be for reference only.

Tool 2. Google PageSpeed ??Insights (Web Page Performance Optimization Tool)

Official primary words: PageSpeed ??Insights can generate a web page actual performance report for mobile devices and desktop devices, and provide recommendations on how to improve the corresponding web pages.

First, use this tool, you need to open Google smoothly, you can’t open Google’s small partners, please see this article first “How to install Google Access Assistant, easy access to Google (practical)” to open Google, then in Google Search for “Google PageSpeed ??Insights”, enter your URL to analyze, and finally, as officials, some speed optimizations will be given.

Tool I. Computer Ping Command

The computer ping command can be used to check if the network is smooth or network connection speed, shortcuts Windows + r, and then enter “CMD” in the run, click OK or Enter, enter ping (change to your own domain name) Yes.

We need to pay more attention to the shortest time, the longest time and average time, so you can know how to open the website. There is no doubt that the shorter the time, the faster the website is accessed.

Tools 4.Mall House – PING Test

The stationmaster’s home is comparable to the speed of speed, including ping detection, network speed, international speed, website speed comparison, etc., calculated is a more practical tool.

Tools 5. Gtmetrix (all free website speed test tool)

GTMetrix provides a very detailed test results and gives considerable recommendations, then optimized according to the recommended recommendations, especially useful. In addition, the most important thing is that this tool is still not expected.

This is the result of the May blog on GTMETRIX. The left is a picture link that needs to be optimized. On the right is Gtmetrix gives the corresponding optimized compressed picture, click “Optimized Version” to download it. Great!

Do you have a website to use the tool to open the speed test? If not, hurry to add site speed to the SEO website!