Website keyword ranking optimization, these SEO details can not be ignored!

One. Unique page title II. Better use of the description of the meta tag three. Key words label can be written without writing four. H tag level clear five.url as possible, static, six. Original content to meet user needs Seven. content

Although you are confident: I have learned SEO. But in the actual combat, there are fewer things that will not touch the keywords. It is not to say that you know the SEO basic knowledge can quickly make the website keywords easily. Website keyword ranking optimization, in fact, some obvious SEO details are we can’t ignore!

Website keyword ranking optimization, these SEO details can not be ignored!

One. Unique page title

The page title, that is, the content in the page title tag is one of the most critical elements of keyword rankings. The search engine will determine if the page title is to be displayed in the search results; for the user, the page title Communicate the content to the user, will determine whether the user wants to click to come in and view.

The page title is to show the first line in the search results. Whether it is for search engines and users, they are from left to right to read web titles, and there must be a certain character limit. The longer the title cannot be complete, and Excessive headlines are often not enough to attract users, so insisted that the upper limit of 67 characters is wise, a Chinese character is equal to 2 characters, and adds valuable keywords and brand names as much as possible in the title.

Two. Better use descriptive metals labels

Describe the meta tag, that is, the content in the page Description tag is this web page summary description. The summary in the search results are likely to refer to this content directly. If the customer’s search term also appears in the web summary, then this word It will also be highlighted, which helps users determine if the content of this web page meets what he wants to find.

Three keywords labels can be written

May once a special article “Website Keywords Tag” website Keywords tag should not be written, “If you can control keyword labels and grasp the keyword’s density, you can make full use of the Keywords tag, let It plays value; if you grasp the KEYWORDS tag, the index deletes it.

Fourth. H tag level is clear

H tags can help you outline the outline of the website, the H1 tag is a big title, often consistent with the web title, only one H1 label in the entire page; H2, H3, H4 is gradually reduced, they can help search engines clear page content The relationship between.

5.url is as short as possible, static

The URL that is lengthy, mysterious, and even the strange parameter may scare the user, and create a simpler, friendly URL as much as possible. In addition, the dynamic URL link is a comparison to test the search engine function. It should be static or pseudochemical as much as possible, and the search engine spider can be quickly captured as much as possible to reduce the search engine spider.

6. Original content that meets user needs

If users come in, some unrelated content or content with other websites, users tend to close the webpage directly. Therefore, good content is the key and directly determines the user’s stay. Can meet user needs, help users solve their confusion, users are willing to stay more even to browse other content on the website.


Long big interlaced, full text, inevitably reduce user reading interest, add some pictures to assist in decoration or explanation, can help users understand articles. In addition, special attention is to note that one attribute ALT in the picture ensures that the search engine can understand the content in the picture; when the user network speed is delayed, the content in the Alt tag is displayed in the picture, helps the user smoothly browsing the website. And learn about the meaning of the picture to convey.

Key words ranking optimization, these small details, you noticed!

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