Website keyword Keywords label Do you want to write?

Website Keywords Tags Don’t fill in? It has always been the topic discussion in the SEO circle. Let’s review the history of the Keywords label. In the early days of SEO, the search engine is an important factor affecting the ranking in the early stage of SEO optimization. Because of this, this label is increasingly used to cheat, joining a large number of keywords that are not related to the page to mislead the search engine, get traffic. Leading users often take a long time to search for their ideal results, in order to avoid this, the major search engines have updated algorithms, improve search experience, and reduce the importance of the Keywords label. Therefore, you will see that there is still a keywords label on some websites, and some websites can’t find the existence of Keywords. This article discusses this topic with everyone.

The following is mainly from the views of the A / B.

A party point: I don’t think it is necessary to fill it.

1. Search engine ranking mechanism has ignored the keywords tag content, which has no help to improve ranking;

2. Improper use, it may cause a bustle, but it is negatively

3. A lot of well-known websites or blogs have removed the keywords tag, such as the ZAC’s SEO, a daily post; Lusong blog, etc.

B side view: I think it is necessary to fill it.

1. Reasonably use the Keywords tab, you can improve the keyword density of the web page;

2. Easy to query keyword rankings in third-party tools so that we can better monitor the ranking of the website keywords.

In short, regardless of the point of view, May feels that there is reason to say. Since the Keywords label is no longer a factor that enhances the ranking of keywords, so for small partners without SEO, May suggestions are still cautious, so as not to cause keyword stacking, it is said that there is a suspicion of cheating, so it is appropriate; For small partners with SEO, you can write the website Keywords, but must be reasonable and specified. Finally, it is recommended that you don’t take it too tangled in Keywords or not to write this question. Don’t spend more time to study the other two tags of TDK: Title and Description ~