Website chain construction strategy

1. What is the outer chain? II. Why do you want to do external chain construction? III. What kinds of forms have there? IV. How to build a website? content

If you want to engage in SEO optimization, you know such a point of view “The content is the king, the outer chain is the emperor”. Therefore, there are many people working hard, and then desperately irrigate the outer chain. As a result, the website will give the website, so there is always someone to discuss this view. Let’s not say this is wrong. Today May want to talk to everyone to talk about the website of the website.

1. What is the outer chain?

The outer chain is the link between other websites to point to our website.

II. Why do you want to do external chain construction?

Improve weight

Each external link points to our own website, which is equivalent to voting for the website, the more votes, the more search engines think it is, the more people who like the site, the greater the degree of popularity, the weight of the web page is naturally.

2. Increase traffic

Multiple websites point to our own website, allowing our products or services to let more people know that more people will visit our website, increase traffic, and improve the visibility of the website itself.

3. Promote website collection and improve website rankings

Different websites link to our website, not only beneficial to the search engine to grab our website, and promote website collection. Many websites support our website, the higher the score in the search engine, and there is a certain role in the rankings of the website.

III. What kinds of forms have there?

Anchor text link

Take a link to a link to your other webpage. For example: SEO optimizes such a text link, an anchor text link.

2. Pure text link

Only the URL without hyperlink, the link is displayed in the form of text, and you cannot click to reach the specified page, you need to copy it, and then paste open in your browser.

For example:

First copy, then paste this link into the browser address bar, and finally open this page for access.

3. Friendly link

Add a link to the other website on your own website, such as the link between A, B, and put the B website on the A website; the link to the A website on the B website is connected to each other.

Apply for friends who have a friendly link to this site, please go to your friendship link page.

If you don’t know these links, you may wish to stop and read the article “The most complete hyperlink knowledge summary”.

IV. How to build a website?

1. Quality of the outer chain

Many of the same type of website related to some of our themes, get the voting of such a website, more convincing; can also attract the same preferences to users to access our websites, so the outer chain is more valuable.

2. Release law of the outer chain

It is not too anxious, you must not send too much outer chain at the same site or platform; but also to stick to the outer chain every day, three days of fishing two days, the net is not allowed, the outer chain construction is a long-term accumulation process .

3. Relevance of the outer chain

Choose from the topic of your topic or content or high-quality website, the quality is more important.

4. Stability of the outer chain

Looking for the quality high-stable website, it is better to ensure that the page where the outer chain is located can exist in the search engine index library. If there is no one, the outer chain suddenly does not exist, there will be a certain impact on the website ranking.

5. Richness of the outer chain

Pay attention to the richness of the outer chain, can not be too single, such as the outside chain from blog comments, can not only be limited to blog reviews, develop some blog body, website link, forum link, knowledge question, link, friendship link, etc.


Nowadays, there are fewer and less, and even a lot of payable websites have no effect. At the same time, more and more well-known forums are quietly declined, and the development of personal blogs is also difficult. But the search engine is fair to everyone. The outer chain is very difficult to tell you, and it is also difficult for other webmasters. In addition, “The content is the king, the outer chain is the emperor”, there is still his truth, the search engine algorithm has been constantly updating, but whether it is inner chain construction, or the external chain construction, always remember: Only practice is The only standard for testing truth!