Website cannot access, CDN mask malicious IP

After the website enables the CDN, you can’t see the true IP of the access or search engine spider unless you can query the true IP address of malicious access, the cdn can block it. The methods mentioned herein are not applicable. (This paragraph is written on July 8, 2019)

I don’t believe in tears in the north, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, China. In February, the rainy, my website has come to “temper”, hung up again and again. After the last “504 Gateway Time-Out”, this only went to the last week, and the CPU usage was 100% yesterday afternoon. After restarting the server, it was not so lucky before, the CPU was full, the website could not open again. .

May currently uses Ali Cloud virtual hosts, submitting the work order, the reply to the customer service is as follows:

“After restarting, the CPU rushed to 100% again, causing the website to collapse, and the website may be a malicious attack.” I checked the two-day website log, I found it or 140.205.253 this IP segment multiple visits Last week, there is a modification. Htaccess, shielded this IP segment, but how can I access?

I checked the .htaccess file, found that the code of the block of IP segment has disappeared automatically, which is also strange. After many communication with Ali Cloud customer service, I know:

My website has a cdn, which is originally made by modifying. Htaccess is not malicious IP. So Baidu search know that the CDN can be blocked directly, the specific operation method is as follows:

Step 1. Enter the Ali Cloud CDN Domain Name Management page, select the domain name you want to set, click Manage;

Step 2. Access Control – IP Black / White list, click Modify Configuration;

Step 3. Click Blacklist, enter the network segment you want to add in the box;

STEP 4. Click OK.

The website is finally opened ~~~

I really don’t want to use the cloud virtual host, welcome everyone to be more reliable and cost-effective servers.