These crazy SEO skills improve the website ranking?

1. Q & A strategy 2. Focus on the brand 3. Track your SEO results and review your website 4. Content 5. Intogenic Directory

For websites, on the second page of the search engine and other subsequent pages, basically contribute to the website, no one has time or patient scroll page to search for a response. We all know that the search engine home page is not a small dish, especially if you want to fight in the site. May SEO blog shared: These crazy SEO skills increase the ranking of the website?

1. Q & A type strategy

To lead to competitors in search engine rankings, using this strategy seems to be a bit stiff. People always tend to use the problem to search for queries so that they can receive the most direct reply.

In some way, if you use the Q & A form in the title and H1 text, you may also grasp the attention of many audiences while increasing the audience participation in the site.

2. Focus on the brand

Brands appear in other places, may not necessarily link back to your website, but they will cause people to pay attention to brand problems, thus creating attractive for your brand. When you create an external chain, your brand is appropriately mentioned, which helps to build a brand awareness.

3. Track your SEO results and review your website

Ideally, many webmasters will skip the key steps of “Tracking SEO Effect”, check the website is the habit you want to develop, you can assess whether the website strategy is correct; regularly review your website, including 404 dead chains, mobile Response, website open speed, etc., because these potential factors will damage the website’s user experience, even the site ranking.

4. Content is enriched

For SEO, you cannot compromise on content or quantity. People are eager to get information, but they want high quality information related to their needs. So you need to create content enrichment, solve high quality information for user problems. Your content will talk for you, users are willing to stay in your website, often return, recommend to others, etc., will help you reduce the website’s hop yield, increase the effective traffic, thus push the website rankings.

5. Endozymunications

We live in an era of social media, this era is linked to people through social media. Given that more than 70% of Internet users are interested in social development, high quality content is posted to different social media platforms, and positive interaction with potential customers.

In short, you want to replace the competitors in the search results, don’t let go of the five crazy SEO skills mentioned above, help you improve the website rankings!