The most complete hyperlink knowledge summary

I. Hyperlink points 2. Inin chain and external chain three. Import links and export links. IV. Anchor text link 5. Text link 6. Friendly link seven. One-way link and two-way links 8. absolute path and relative path directory

We know that HTML (Hypertext Market Language is a nice tag language (“ml” in HTML), used to describe the structure of the web page. “HT” in HTML is hyperpertext, with it, we can get rid of the binding of a single page, link to other pages, which is a hypertext link or hyperlink. Hyperlink plays a very important role in SEO optimization.

One. Hyperlink points

1. Tag defines hyperlinks to pick up another page from a page chain;

2. The most important attribute of the label is the href property, which indicates the target address of the link;

3. Tags another common attribute is Target, which is specified to open the link document

Property Value Description Target = “_ Self” default. Jump to the original link between the same window Target = “_ blank” Open this link in a new window Target = “_ parent” Open this link in the parent framework Target = “_ TOP” Open the link in the entire window Target = “_ framename “Open the link in the specified framework

4. When the mouse moves to the hyperlink, there will be a small hand, indicating that you can click;

5. In all browsers, a pseudo class:

Set the order: LINK – Visited – Hover – ACTIVE

Status Description A: Link Uncropted Links A: Visited Access Link A: Hover Mouse Moves to the link A: Active Selected Link

6. Another property REL of the label is used to specify the relationship between the current document and the link document.

Property Value Description Rel = “Nofollow” tells the search engine Do not track this link rel = “noIndex” tells the search engine to prohibit the recording of this page Rel = “nopener” to prevent fishing attacks that might exist when new windows open

II. Inner chain and outer chain

Interior chain (internal link) The same link between the content page under the same website domain name (external link) other websites point to their website links

3. Import link and export link

Import links other websites imported to your website’s link to export links to your website to export links to others website

Four. Anchor text link

Take a link to a link to point to other web pages. For example: SEO optimizes such a text link, an anchor text link.

V. Text link

Only the URL without hyperlink, the link is displayed in the form of text, and you cannot click to reach the specified page, you need to copy it, and then paste open in your browser.

For example:

First copy, then paste this link into the browser address bar, and finally open this page for access.

6. Friendly link

Add a link to each other’s website on your own website, such as the link to the b site on the A, B website, A website; B site placed on the A site link, connect each other.

7. One-way link and two-way link

One-way link One-way links two websites are not pointed to each other, only one side pointing. For example,: a, b, a point B, but B did not point to A. Two-way links two-way links two websites point each other. For example, a, b website, a point to B, B pointing A.

Eight. Absolute path and relative path

The complete path of the absolute path with domain names relative path target file / folder relative to the path to the current file