Teach you to read Google SEO

1. Link rules 2. Related, optimized content 3. UX will affect SERP 4. Mobile SEO can be defeated 5. Voice search has become a problem to combine and test catalogs

We all know that SEO optimization has been developing and changing, and the Algorithm of Google Search Engine has been constantly adjusting. Get more traffic and improve visibility in Serp (Search Results). Teach you to read Google SEO.

Teach you to read Google SEO

Link rule

Website links are important from the founding of SEO, but it is still one of the most powerful indicators for Google’s excellent performance. The more high quality related links you get, the higher the SERP of the website may become.

In short, the link is still the foundation of SEO. In your SEO work, it is necessary to invest in link construction.

2. Content, optimized

The problem of links to the content is a bit like a chicken or egg. You need content to attract links, but your content needs to be linked to improve your website ranking in search results and help to attract content access. In the end, it is concatenated to: links and content is the foundation of SEO.

If you are in the first page of Google, you need to point to the associated, optimized content link. Please keep the following points when making and optimizing content:

Key words are very important in context: Keywords are still closely related to Google, but now search engines no longer just lock “keywords”, but analyze the context and the same or related keywords intended to search.

Title, Meta Description, Alt property, H1 tag, and URL are still important: Contains targeted keywords and related keywords in these elements.

Add your expertise, authority, and trust (EAT): Read the Google’s Search Quality Guide to get guidelines for the content quality.

3. UX will affect SERP

The User Experience (UX) plays an important role in how your website uses search engines.

Unfortunately, the user experience depends on too many factors (such as site infrastructure and layout, content, etc.), this will be more difficult to measure.

It may be painful to find out where your website is missing from the UX angle. Therefore, some SEO professionals choose not to process them. However, if you want to win users, you need to master UX. You can have some outsourcing design and layout, but you still have to:

Make sure the residence time and the click rate are high, and the jump rate is low.

Although these signals have existed for a while, Google does not use them as direct ranking factors, but optimize your website to achieve higher participation, and may not act indirectly.

Improve website architecture

The key part of this is to improve the navigation of the website and make sure the search engine can crawl all the page and the user can easily find the page they want to find. The “more simple and better” is very effective here.

Optimization speed

No matter which site program, your website must be loaded in 2 seconds or less. Image compression, code, and structural optimization, and faster servers to help search engines and users can quickly access your website.

Optimize according to user intent

Since SEO has developed to be more user-centered, you should provide an excellent browsing experience with UX personnel. In other words, your goal is to transform and sell, not just traffic and potential customers.

In short, UX optimization has become the basic part of SEO. In the future, paying attention to visitors may play more important roles because Google has become more intelligent and is more obvious for users.

4. Mobile SEO can be defeated

Since Google is determined to use its mobile priority index to rank and display on all devices, it is time to improve your website in a way.

Unfortunately, although this behavior of Google is reasonable (mobile terminal produces more than 50% of traffic), it is not an easy thing to run smoothly in mobile and PC. .

First, you must invest in response design because Google recommends this.

You must also keep your content consistent on the PC and mobile devices and make sure your website is fast and easy to use.

what does that mean:

Optimize your content for mobile users

Accelerate page speed

In short, you need to do the SEO of the website, otherwise you will find that you are in Google’s ranking.

5. Voice search has become a problem

Although I think speech search will change SEO in the near future, but customers seem to like it. Nortstar Research reported that 55% of adolescents in the United States and 41% of American adults use speech search. According to Google, more than 20% of mobile search is a voice search. That is, it is meaningful to optimize speech search now.

Specifically, you can start from the following steps:

Optimize the content by using the natural language (ie, more long-tailed keywords and search) and answer the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions for Creating and Markers (using problems and answers).

In short, SEO optimization staff should constantly adjust their thinking and keep up with the pace of the times. Voice search optimization is very meaningful, and it is a major trend in the future. You can help your site get more traffic.

Combine and test by trial error

SEO success is usually from best practices and some repeated trials. The SEO rules are not a constant. Rules and strategies are always changing and developed. There is no universal SEO formula; only repeated tests can help you determine which SEO method is valid at a specific time, which does not apply your site.

SEO’s secret is very simple:

You must learn how to combine and try a variety of methods, then analyze the results, while remembering, all work may be wasted because Google’s latest algorithm update or competitor is. In this process, you will filter a good performance, and remove the no longer effective strategy. Then, constantly repeat the test. In this way, you will never get a valid SEO policy, which may be successful in a short period of time; however, as the search engine algorithm is adjusted, the policy is likely to become so effective.

Written in the last

SEO is an endless and evolving multidimeter. Every SEO personnel want to find a magical formula that can explain the works of SEO once and have specific rules and specific formulas in the table. Unfortunately, SEO is too complicated and cannot be entered the formula. Only constant repeated tests can find Google SEO strategy suitable for your website, and get a constant effective traffic, and achieve final transformation!