Summary of common questions using Google Analytics

1. Why use Google Analytics? II. How do you open Google Analytics? III. What is the working principle of Google Analytics? Four. How does Google Analytics code installation? 5. Can you use Google Analytics to slow down the website loading speed? content

1. Why use Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free data analysis tool that provides detailed chart reports, webmasters and network marketers can better understand the user’s behavior, improve user experience, and improve return on investment. Whether you are a rookie or old bird, I believe you all know Google Analytics, from the past to now and in the future, Google Analytics has always been the benchmark of the website statistics.

II. How to open Google Analytics in China?

Google exits China in 2010 and has 9 years. I believe there are many small partners and May, I hope Google will return to China as soon as possible. If you don’t know how to open Google and Google Related Websites, such as Google Analytics, please see “How to install Google Access Assistant, easy access to Google (Delivery)”, then open your Chrome to access Google, search Google Analytics, make sure You can open Google Analytics normally. If you still don’t open it normally, leave a message below.

III. What is the working principle of Google Analytics?

Google Analytics By embedding a GA’s JS code in a web page, then this JS code collects the relevant information to send to the Google Analytics server to complete data statistics. We don’t need to understand the people’s debts like the technicians, just need to know the JS code to install a GA on our website. When the user accesses our website, this JS code will be accessed by the visitor information and the website. Submit to Google Analytics so that we can see related data in the Background of Google Analytics.

Four. How does Google Analytics code installation?

Check out “2 steps to easily add Google Analytics”, have a detailed steps; if you are using Google Tag Manager to install Google Analytics, you can view “How to Configure Google Analytics to Google Tag Manager Tracking Code Manager” .

5. Can you use Google Analytics to slow down the website loading speed?

The answer is: will definitely. Any new script that adds to the website affects the load speed. However, this problem should not be too worried, the best way to solve this problem is:

1. The GA code is preferably installed in the HEAD tag according to the official request;

2. If you don’t use Google AdWords or make any overseas marketing for your website, it is recommended to close the Remarketing function in Google Analytics background.

Specific method: Google Analytics – Management – Media Resources – Tracking Information – Data Collection

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