Some errors in WordPress use

1. Change the link to the link 2. No update 3. Plugin too much 4. Error delete content 5. Do not delete the default content directory

WordPress as CMS is ideal for people who do not have any website to build experience. It doesn’t need we write code, friendship to SEO and easy to manage. Despite this, many beginners have made some errors in WordPress. In fact, these mistakes are not only a beginner. I share some errors in WordPress use.

Some errors in WordPress use

Vocal change link

Before you start using WordPress, you should take into account your permanent link. Permanently link, from the literal meaning is fixed, it is permanent. Therefore, once they set them, you should not change them again.

If you decide to change your permanent link, the web address will change. Search engines have indeed an old permanent link, which means you can’t find your link link. Accessors entering your website via search engines will eventually see an error message on your website, can’t find anything, this is the 404 error we often say.

You have many options when determining a permanent link structure. However, in most cases, the simplest code can meet the SEO friendly URL as long as one /% postname% / can meet the SEO friendly URL.

2. Not updated

Keep the plug-in, the subject, and WordPress itself is one of the most important tasks you as a website owner. Updates not only brings new features, but often fixes errors and security issues.

3. There are too many plugins

The WordPress plugin is very rich, and for some functions, you can choose a variety of plugins to implement. Not only need to keep all plugins up to date, but you install a plug-in, it means to add a load to the website, which means that the website is slow, which means that you can eventually get a very slow website. Therefore, when installing new plugins, please be careful.

4. Error delete content

One of the most common errors will occur after the website starts and runs. You may have to delete a post or page. They may no longer meet their previous purposes, so deleting them make sense. However, since the search engine has written your website into the index, you will display 404 on your website. So make sure you delete the page on your website in the correct way.

5. Do not delete the default content

When you first install WordPress, WordPress will create a “sample page” and a “Hello World” article. Make sure to delete the default sample page via the page menu, and remove the “Hello World” article through the post menu.

These are the most common errors in WordPress, especially beginners. Although you may have already noticed some of them here, avoid these situations.