Simple CSS code implementation of the mouse over WordPress Comments Image Rotation Specialty

May always like to visit someone else’s blog, see someone else’s interesting projects to study: Du Niang touch, F12 element review … The idea is trying to improve the user experience, increase the website construction user visual . What to share today is: The mouse is gently scared, and the WordPress comment image is rotated, is it particularly cool ~

In fact, it is very simple, and the CSS code can be easily set ~

Option thereof to add CSS code:

WordPress-Appearance – Custom – Additional CSSwordPress-Subject Options – Custom Style – Custom Style WordPress – Appearance – Edit -Style.css

The small partners using the begin theme also use the begin theme, also want to realize the image of the MAY blog comment. The following code can be directly copied:

/ * Adding avatar rotation special effects for WordPress * /. Comment-list .avatar {border: 1px solid #ccc;}. Vcard .avatar {transition: all 0.8s ease 0s; -webkit-transition: all 0.8s ease 0s; Moz-transition: all 0.8s ease 0s; -y transition: 0.8s; -ms-transition: 0.8s;}. vcard: Hover .avatar {Transform: Rotate (720deg); – Webkit-Transform: Rotate (720DEG); – Moz-Transform: Rotate (720deg); – O-Transform: Rotate (720deg); – MS-Transform: Rotate (720DEG); Border-Radius: 40px! Important; filter: alpha (Opacity = 100) Important; Opacity: 1! important;

If you want to implement other effects, you only need to modify the above CSS code. Other WordPress themes, please study it yourself. If you encounter any problems, please leave a message below.