SEO website accelerates, allowing website access speed to improve

I. SEO Building Station: Stable Server III. SEO Building: WPJAM Basic Plugin Directory

Recently, a company passed the May SEO blog, which is this site, finding the MAY QQ, let me give them SEO, I have visited their company website, god, 1, 2, 3 … I I have been thinking of 20 in my heart, the website is slow open, the snail speed, which will undoubtedly affect the website user experience and affect the SEO optimization of the website. Why is the website’s access speed be so slow? Let’s take a look at the SEO website acceleration, allowing website access speeds to improve.

I. SEO Building Station: Stable Server

Workers must have a prostitute, want to improve the speed of the website, the most important thing is to configure a reasonable server! The bandwidth of the server is the most important factor affecting the speed of the website. Imagine: a 1M small water pipe and a 10m large water pipe, the water is naturally different, then the user access the website, the speed of the web page will be different, so a larger bandwidth is necessary in a reasonable budget. Will greatly enhance the user browsing experience. Some small guys have been infected in the country, put their website servers abroad, but visit foreign servers extend the response time. Relatively speaking, foreign servers have no domestic stability. Therefore, it is recommended that the small partner will choose the domestic server when building a Chinese website; if you build an English website, the customer group faced by the customer is a foreign server, it is entirely available to foreign servers.

Second. SEO Building Station: CDN Acceleration

The full name of the CDN is Content Delivery Network, which is a content distribution network. The principle of CDN is to avoid bottlenecks and links that may affect data transmission speed and stability in the Internet, making the content faster and more stable. It is equivalent to the accelerator of the website. There is a paid version and there are free.

III. SEO Building: WPJAM Basic Plugin

Seeing the word “plugin”, many small friends will have some dislike, isn’t it said that the plugin will slow down the website? Why do you want to introduce a plugin. May, like everyone, don’t like to use a plugin. But WPJAM is really good to make you scream. Because after installing this plug-in, many other plugins can be installed, the key is that it is a plugin that speeds up the website of the website, yes, speed up the website access speed! Accelerate website access speed! Accelerate website access speed! (Important things say three times)

WPJAM is a plug-in developed by Fish God (Blogger: I Love Shui Bishfish), which helps us get some uncommon features in WordPress and focus on your WordPress website. But this plug-in requires very high requirements, only Linux servers, only support PHP 7.2 and above. Search “WPJAM BASIC” in the WordPress background. After installation, you will see some of the following features: (below is the May option, please choose according to your own actual situation)

You can see the WPJAM Basic plugin helps us remove some extra code, shield the automatic update of WordPress, clean up some spam messages, and so on. I really used it.

The above is a method of improving the website loading speed using May in the SEO website. If your website is not very fast, try it!