SEO Site Optimization Guide (WordPress program)

1. Select a well-known WordPress topic. Site access speed. The use of the plugin. IV. Site URL settings.

With the rapid development of the Internet, more and more people quickly find information through search engines; merchants want their own products or services to let more people see and understand, then websites are ranked before searching engine results One of the ways of traffic. It is very important to have a qualified website, which requires us to fully consider SEO factors in the construction process, and WordPress is an ideal SEO website program. This article is to explore the SEO Site Optimization Guide ( WordPress program).

WordPress is a free open source program and the most widely used blog system in the world. It has gradually developed to many corporate websites, news websites, and even portals have started to build a WordPress station, so it has become a lot of SEO website.

1. Select a well-known WordPress theme

The WordPress subject decides that your website’s overall typesetting and style. It is recommended that you choose a well-known WordPress theme, or spend direct money to buy theme, free forever is the most expensive, some unknown or free themes will have some potential problems For example, the bloated JS code, hidden garbage chains, etc. These are very disadvantageous for SEO optimization.

Second. Website access speed

If you want the site to access the speed, first start from hardware, choose a server stable, and the bandwidth server is critical. Under the premise of reasonable budget, a larger bandwidth website server is necessary, letting the website access speed fly, greatly enhance the user browsing experience. Therefore, the quality of the server is the most important factor affecting the speed of the website. You can refer to the article “Acceleration of SEO Website, allowing website access speed to improve”.

3. Use of plug-ins

Many small partners are using WordPress, they don’t modify their code, and want to achieve some personalized effects, so much to install some plugins to assist the implementation, the excessive use of the plug-in or improper use will seriously sever the entire website. Speed, so, it is generally recommended that you can use less plug-ins, it is best not to use. You may wish to read some articles in the SEO blog in May, easily implement some features by adding code.

Four. Web URL settings

WordPress fixed link settings: WP background – Setting – fixed link – custom structure, it is recommended to choose custom structure /%%%% /%PostName%.html or /%category%/%POST_ID%.html, default URL format It is / category /, this is not much significant, but the pendant page depth is deeper, it is not optimized, so it is best to remove / category /, you can refer to the article “Way to remove the Category prefix in the classification link”.

5. SiteMap production

SIEMAP, as a website map, helps search engines can quickly understand the structure of the website. Many themes are generally not SITEMAP. About the website map production, many webmasters will directly consider selecting plugins to achieve, in fact, can be implemented by adding code, and can refer to the article “Website Map”. “

6. 404 page design

Many WP themes will have 404 pages, such as Begin theme, 404 page design is still very particular, after all, in the construction process, there will be a 404 dead chain. There is a small partner to design a very beautiful 404 page, which is not enough, but also a certain functionality – prompting the user page error, but also helps the user return to the home page or other page. You can refer to the article “404” just just design well, is this enough? “.

Seven. Use of TAG label

Tag tags are a detail of many webmasters. In fact, the TAG tag can play a major role, collecting content related pages to the same TAG tab, can meet the user’s needs for personality words or related articles. As the TAG label increases, the number of internal pages will increase, which is also very advantageous for increasing Baidu. Tag tab can be used to do keyword rankings.

In response to the WordPress program, the SEO Site Optimization Guide will involve many aspects, and the above content is given to everyone.

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