SEO optimization will face three challenges

I. Search Engine Intelligence II. Copyright belongs to three. Marketing channel diversified catalog

In the era of rapid development of Internet today, SEO optimization is very difficult, both or the challenges facing the future. May believe that you want to do SEO optimization, you must first clear your environmental status quo and future challenges, seek solutions, comply with the requirements of the times and make changes. Today, I talk to everyone, SEO optimization will face the three challenges that will face.

I. Search engine intelligence

Ten years ago, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V may run through the entire SEO optimization personnel, batch collection, brush clicks, desperate hairdressing chain, as long as it goes, ranking can easily, don’t need any technical content at all. Nowadays, it has been completely different. As the search engine is getting more intelligent, the algorithm constantly iterations, SEOER finally stepped forward, and the SEO optimization became more and more difficult. At the same time, with the rapid development of the mobile, mobile search is undoubted to be a trend in the future, which makes SEO optimization will face the following challenges:

1. Output quality content

On the Internet, any form of products can be inseparable from the presentation of the content. The text, pictures, audio, videos, etc., which can be seen everywhere, more and more step, all users can feel the content. “Content is the king” has slowly evolved into the high-frequency word of the SEO optimization industry. It is said that your content is high quality, can solve the user’s needs, attract users, retain users, and also win the trust of search engines. .

2. Mobile keyword rankings

Sometimes, will you think of living in this era is particularly happy? I remember that I have graduated from my high school, I have the first mobile phone in life. At that time, I was 2G, QQ could only chat; after I got a college, I have 3G, I can crazy brush QQ space; I have to participate in work has 4G, mobile phone It has also become a touch screen, you can see the news, watch videos, etc. The mobile phone is not around, just like the soul. There is also more and more people fall in love with mobile search, no matter where you are, as long as there is a network, you can enjoy the search and find the information you want. It can be said that it is very convenient. Therefore, the mobile traffic will have a large development space in the future, we appear in any user to search us!

Second. Copyright belongs

Copyright belt has always been a question of everyone, and the road to the grassroots stationer is also extremely difficult. A lot of articles on May SEO blogs were not changed by others, and there was no need to retain any sources, and I deliberately wrote an article “strongly condemned the argument of the article,” I came to express my heart. ” . The article is reprinted, has always been a common problem in this industry, and the grass root station is working hard to write a hard work, but it is turned away by others for a few seconds, and even search engines are also prioritized. Is it very crazy? In addition, the “Original Protection” function of Baidu search resource platform is also thoroughly offline last month. Therefore, for the reality that a SEO optimization personnel have to face, quality original content is illegally reprint or collect, and no copyright challenge. Amount, 10,000 words omit. . . (You can’t continue to write down, otherwise it is like let May have been specially respected, the stationer said to “drink tea”).

3. Diversification of marketing channels

In the face of a fierce competitive market environment, companies have achieved more market share, and continuously expand their marketing channels. SEO optimized personnel will face may be the risk of diversification of marketing channels, SEO optimization requires a long process, although as long as there is search, there will be the existence of SEO! It is often concerned that many enterprise managers are concerned that there may be no patience, which will explore other marketing channels, such as: SEM, Net red live, video marketing, SNS marketing, WeChat marketing, etc., and even have not risen many new Marketing channel. SEO optimization people need to do, constantly expand their knowledge, constantly learn other marketing methods, do not limit themselves only in the field of SEO. This era and the future need are a diverse talent, only open your own pattern, you can win in the future!

Is living in this era, is it lucky or sorrow? It depends on whether we can accept the challenges faced by the rapid development of society. The above is the “SEO optimization future will face the three challenges” with everyone.