SEO Keyword Research New Ideas – How is Keywords rational layout?

1. How do I collect keywords? II. How to conduct keyword research? III. How to lay out? content

One of the biggest mistakes that are particularly easy to commit to the website is that the research and layout of the website keyword is ignored. The keyword research and reasonable layout is the first step in SEO optimization, but it is still an indispensable step.

1. How do I collect keywords?

Understand your industry, listed a lot of keywords, think about what kind of keywords we will use to search; with the surrounding colleagues or leaders, the brainstorms, sorting out a lot of keywords; go to peer competitors website, view Title tags, keyword tag content, etc. used by the other party; use information provided by the search engine, such as searching for a search box, bottom-related search, etc., with keyword tools, such as Baidu index, Google’s Google Keywords Planner, etc .; ……

After collecting keywords, let’s take a second step.

II. How to conduct keyword research?

1. Ensure that the keyword is searching

1.1. No known brand word

At the beginning of the website, if your company has no brand awareness, the company name is keyword. At this time, no one can go to search or search, which is not recommended to use the company name to do keywords.

1.2. Conceptual or broad keyword

Some conceptual keywords or relatively broad words, such as: SEO, SEM. The user is very likely to find what SEO, what is SEM. Instead of finding SEO, SEM-related services or skills, all of these keywords seem to have more substantive significance.

1.3. Using tools, such as Baidu Index

Baidu Index can roughly reflect the trend of this keyword, that is, the level of the word, not the exact number.

a. Unstable, large Qi Baidu index curve, carefully analyze, carefully, it is possible to be human speculation or being brushed by some tools;

b. The curve is relatively gentle, and there is small fluctuations, it is more normal;

c. Some seasonal products, related keywords will peak in a certain season;

d. Hot event or explosive news, the relevant keywords will have the increase in search vessels;


2. Study the level of competition in keywords

View the level of competition in keywords, you can view it from the following respects.

2. See search results

Enter keywords to search engine search boxes, view the total number of related search results pages, these search results pages are your competitors, the larger the number, indicating that you want to do this keyword, the greater the competition.

Search results page competition is 100,000 below 100,000 ~ 1 million in more than 1 million exceeding 10 million

2.2. INTITLE instruction

Use the intIstle instruction to see the number of keywords appear in the title. The more quantities, the greater the competition.

2.3. Analysis Search Results Home and Inner Page

Analyze the top 30 pages, enumerate, view the proportion of the home page and the internal page. If the internal page is more, it will be relatively weak. At this time, use our homepage of our own website to compete, it is easy to relatively; if the homepage is more, the weight of the general home is higher than the inner page, the competition is relatively large.

2.4. Number of bidding results

How much is the amount of bidding can also be seen from a certain extent, the more bidding advertising, the greater the competition.

2.5. Bidding price

The high and low of the bidding price can also analyze the level of competition, the higher the bid, and the more competitiveness of this keyword is high.

2.6. View keyword search index

The search volume of the keyword of the Baidu index can also reflect the level of competition in keywords to a certain extent. The keyword is high, and the level of competition in this keyword may be large.

2.7. Analyze the situation of competitors website

Analysis of the situation in which natural rankings are more than prior to competitors, such as external chains, website structure and page optimization.

2.8. Key words performance index kei formula

Kei refers to the keyword effect index keyword effect efficiency index.

SV: Keyword Search Search Search Volue

C: Search results for keywords Competitors

From the formula, it can be seen that the KEI is related to the number of search quantities of keywords and the number of search results page. Lisecting multiple keywords for KEI comparison, see if the final result is available.

III. How to lay out?

Classified according to keyword

1.1. Target Keyword

With the keywords of the home page optimization, we call the target keywords, the entire content of the website is expanded around the target keyword, representing the topics and ideas of the entire website.

1.2. Long tail keyword

Putting in article section or article content page to optimize keywords we call long-tailed keywords, long-tailed keywords can also bring search flow, and long tail keywords are characterized by gratia.

1.3. Related Keywords

Related keywords are keywords related to target keywords or long tail keywords, auxiliary objective keywords or long tail keywords, so that keyword ranks are more likely to be. 2. The best location for keyword layout

2.1. Title tab of the website page

Whether the website page can participate in ranking, a large extent to match keywords on the Title tab, so put the keywords for the website in the Title tab of the page.

2.2. Keywords Keywords Tags

Although the search engine has reduced the weight of keyword labels, although there is no Title tag, it still has the meaning of existence, so don’t ignore keyword labels. Key words labels are generally put about 3 to 5 or so, don’t have too much stacking keywords.

2.3. Description Description tag

Like keyword labels, search engines do not count the right overlapping algorithm, that is to say that the description tag is full of keywords, it will not enhance the overall weight of the website, ie not the entry overlapping algorithm. Although it is not required to be required, the description label can also increase the matching degree of keywords, and simultaneously let the search users are at a glance, increase the desire to click on the user.

2.4. Homepage start layout

The order in which the search engine crashes the website is from top to bottom, from left to right, the first thing you see is often important. Therefore, it is also very useful to do a reasonable intersection of the page. Of course, the keywords inserting should be natural and reasonable.

2.5. Column Name / Website Navigation

We usually have a summary of each column name to this category, whether it is a level of column or a secondary column, you need to match the corresponding keyword.

2.6. Title Tags H1 ~ H6

Insert keywords rationally in the title tag.

2.7. Picture of the layout of the ALT Keywords

Most of the website is composed of text and picture, the search engine cannot identify the content, you need to do the Alt property, but must stand according to the image content, can’t put the keyword, must put it according to the content of the picture. Corresponding keywords.

2.8. In the article layout keyword

In the article contents of the article, we must be natural and reasonable. It cannot be so much stacking keywords, which can also enhance the ranking of the website keyword.

Master the above way, I believe that you will make SEO optimization will be half-time.