SEO fake origin (to create a high quality article)

Tips. Efficient collection, spike original skills, two. Optimization, unique skills, three. Graphic and improve user experience skills, four language customs, multi-act

For those who have been engaged in SEO optimization, whether they are doing websites, or self-media, a large number of brain cell output is valuable to make readers to resonate. Plus the search engine is increasingly intelligent, we must fully consider the user experience while writing articles, but also to improve the ranking of the article in the search results and get traffic. If you adhere to originality every day, it is really difficult. Therefore, many people have chosen SEO fake origin. The common methods have a modification title, the first tail paragraph modification, paragraph sequence conversion, synonym replacement, keyword replacement or increase, etc., such an article is, lack of new intentions, the entire article It is difficult to read, it is difficult to escape the eyes of the search engine spider. However, if you have a secondary creation under the original article, you can create your own ideas, or even generate your thinking collision or integration, to create a high-quality SEO fake origin, which is also a technology.

Tips. Efficient collection, spike original

The acquisition here is not to use the pseudo-original collection tool to go to a large number of articles, and the fake origin collection tools are as small as possible or not. The efficient acquisition here refers to the articles that search for the same topic in Baidu or Google in Baidu or Google, check the search results in the top three page, find high quality original articles, etc., it is best to find a few. Combine these articles and compare, “go to their mess, take the essence”, determine the main purpose of the article, restructuring the article structure, and output your own unique insights. Of course, it is necessary to have a big question, if the vocabulary is not enough, the article output is still very limited. Therefore, you need a lot of reading to improve your vocabulary and kill the original.

Skills II. Optimization of the title, unique

The title is the core of an article, and it is also an important factor affecting the rankings of articles. Not only should users use keywords that users use to find this article, but also extract a unique point of view from the article content, it is always around to obtain traffic as the ultimate goal.

Skills three. Graphic and improve user experience

Many original articles may be text, you will be boring, and we will use the graphic combination of the article, the picture can be given to the user’s visual impact, can also deepen the user to the text. understand. Let users enjoy a good browsing environment to improve the user experience. The picture of the picture is also liked by the search engine.

Skills four. Language customs easy to understand, more examples

As a SEO optimization person, we are not a poet, not a writer, do not need us to write a poem of Lang Lang’s top, the statement is beautiful and a gorgeous lyric prose, but can let readers fully understand what we want to express, improve the original The expression of the article is inadequate, and the language is as easy to understand, and more examples, more effort.

High quality SEO fake origin is not as easy as we think, you need to read a lot of articles more, thereby output your unique insight. The vocabulary does not reach a certain height, and the writing is also difficult to improve, which is also a direction that MAY is working hard.

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