Selected Summary 13% higher than the mobile device

A 30-day study conducted by Rank Ranger shows that Google displays a selected summary frequency of 86.6%, while 73.3% on mobile devices.

Survey results. This study surveyed 265 keyword data sets, which is known to generate a selection code segment on the desktop. The study found that in any day, relative to the mobile terminal, the publisher is more willing to put a selection of summary in the PC side, because Google shows the possibility of a PC side selection summary.

Selected Summary Movement in the computer side display frequency

The study also found that the URL in the selected code segment can be displayed on all devices within 70.3% of the device. In the remaining 29.7% of the time, the URL is only displayed on one device.

Deleting an instance of the selected code segment on one device, and the ratio of the same URL in the selection code segment is raised to 90.7%. Mordy Oberstein, Chief Marketing Officer of Rank Ranger, wrote: “This means that the real difference between the selection code fragment between the two devices has nothing to do with the URL itself, and regarded with Google The selection of selected code fragments related to Taiwan equipment is more.

Why should we care? Evaluate the keywords for your selection summary in a device or another device, you can provide a reference for your content policy.

In addition, studying the selected summary of what you need is more likely to provide a basis for your user experience decision on which device.