Remove the included URL link in Google Search (3 best ways)

Method 1: Using Google Serch Console Delete Method 2: Using NoIndex Element Method 3: Delete URL Directory

When we are optimized by Google SEO, we may have encountered such distress: For example, you delete a page on the website, which is not complated is that this page has been included in Google. For SEO’s perspective, you have to find a way to delete the already included URL link from Google Search Results. This document shares three best ways to delete the included URL link from Google search results.

Remove the included URL link in Google Search (3 best ways)

Method 1: Delete using Google Serch Console

Use Google Search Console Google Tool to delete the URL belonging to your website. It is easy.

GOOGLE SEARCH Console – Index

2. Open “Delete” tool

3. Click on the new request

4. Select Temporarily Remove URL

Delete using Google Serch Console

It is forbidden to appear in Google search results for about 6 months and clear the current summary and cache version. If you need a permanent deletion, the easiest way is to remove the page directly from your website. When you go again, you can’t find the URL again, you will naturally remove it completely.

Method 2: Use noIndex metadata

The NOINDEX meta tag is a commonly used method, add a small piece of code in your html header. It will tell Google not to display the page in the search.

Need you manually add the following code to the HTML code:

If you use the WordPress site management system, most excellent SEO plugins provide a NOINDEX option. Of course, you can also add noIndex on the entire website to remove all pages from the search engine. You can do it by entering the WordPress dashboard -> settings -> reading. Then select the “Prohibiting Search Engine to Cut the Site into Index”.

WordPress recommends that search engines are not associated with this site

In order to make NOINDEX utterance, do not set up Google from caught this web page or this site in Robots.txt. Google spider is not allowed, and the spider can certainly see the noIndex meta mark.

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Method 3: Delete URL

If you want to delete the URL does not have any effect, just remove it from the website. Let it return to 404 (not found) or 410 (disappeared) errors. GoogleBot will try again as soon as possible to delete it from an index when you see 404 or 410 errors.

Sometimes, the page you want to delete may have a stable access or an inbound link for the SEO value. In this case, the user experience and SEO are preferably redirected using 301 to redirect the user and the search engine to the tightly related page.

Also, don’t count on Robots.txt. Robots.txt is a file on your root domain (, which tells the search engine spider not to grab some web pages, but for the page already included, rely on Robots.txt to block the URL appearance The search results are not always a good method, so the URL may still be displayed in Google search results.

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About deleting the included URL link from Google Search results, deleting useless URL links, no matter from the user experience or search engine, it is necessary.