Let the search engine spider love your website

I. Search Engine Spider Working Principle. How to let search engine spider discovers your website. How to let search engine spider love your website catalog

The Internet is like a huge “spider web”, and the search engine is used to crawl and grabbed the webpage, and we tend to call it “spider” or “robot”. The main task of search engine spiders is to browse information in huge spider webs, and then grab this information on the search engine server, establish an index library, so it will involve a first one of the questions is the website is included, only Understand the search engine spider to let the website seconds. What is the way to let the search engine spider love your website?

I. Search engine spider working principle

Search engine spider crawling and grabbing the content on the website, analyzing the contents of the website page, find the standard web content, store the relevant information to the index library, and then display the most relevant results to the user according to the ranking algorithm mechanism.

Search Engine Spider In the link content of the analysis page, a review review will be evaluated. It will be included in the content of high quality webpage; the content of the low quality page will enter a test period, observe, after the content is passed Record.

II. How to let the search engine spider discovers your website


Let the search engine spider discovers and crawl your website, there is a way to submit your website link to major search engines, you can view the “2019 mainstream search engine submit Sitemap entry, speed up the website.” Alternatively, please refer to “Method for increasing Baidu included in 2019 (detailed interpretation)”.

2. Outer chain construction

There are a lot of things in this era, and many people have a variety of different views on the outer chain: some people say that the outer chain has no effect; some people say that the outer chain is still a very important role. But may always remain unchanged: the outer chain can add search engines and users to discover an entry of your website, accelerate the website to include website traffic. You can refer to the “Website Outer Chain Construction Strategy”.

III. How to let search engine spider love your website

1. Website access speed is fast

Website access speed can be described as the hardware configuration of the test website. Imagine: A website that often can’t open or opens the website that takes a long time. Whether it is a search engine spider or a user, this browsing experience is very unfriendly. A faster access speed can get the search engine and the user’s great favors. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the configuration of the server and the optimization of the website performance. If you want your website to fly, you can refer to the “Acceleration of SEO Site, allowing website access speed to improve”.

2. High quality original content

Some people see the word “original” is a headache, including May is also. Write articles is actually a very burning thing, but a good SEO optimization person must be a good editor! So writing articles Write a case is one of the skills necessary for SEO staff. We are more likely to like fresh things, search engine spiders are also, fresh high-quality original content is easier to get search engine spiders, often come to your website. If you feel too difficult for original content, pseudo-original will also take a lot of articles on others, you can refer to “SEO fake origin (create a high quality article).”

3. Reasonable internal chain construction

The inner chain construction is also a more important ring in SEO optimization. A reasonable inner chain structure is more conducive to search engine spider crawling and crawling. Relevant content recommendations, TAG links, etc. Related Articles Refer to “Website Chain Construction Strategy”.

4. Robots.txt masked page

When searching for engine spiders, the first step is to read the Robots.txt file under the root directory to see which issues can be accessed. Therefore, it is recommended that robots.txt masks the very small page, such as dynamic pages, plugins, etc. on the website; can reduce the workload of search engine spiders.

5. Site map boot

Map, everyone is unfamiliar, the main role is to guide the route, if there is no map, we are easy to lose in a strange environment. Search engine spider is also the case, visit our website, it will be very strange, but with a website map, you can help search engine spiders crawl reasonably on the entire website reasonably, improve the working efficiency of spiders, so that search engine spider will Family like our website. Related Articles Reference “Website Map Production (WordPress Free Plugin)”.

SEO optimization is a long process, you need to do every small detail, work hard, let the search engine spider love your website!

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