Let Baidu completely delete the included non-preferred domain

STEP 1. Replace the first domain STEP 2. Baidu search resource platform new site STEP 3. Restore the first domain STEP 4. Apply for non-preferred domain site closing station STEP 5. Verification result directory

Before May, I have shared an article “How to prohibit Baidu to include non-first choice”, but this method is only suitable for the new site. The SEO blog that has been operated for several months is still unable to shield the non-preferred domain, Baidu I have included my WWW site and a site without WWW, different URLs, which are indeed the same content, and in the field of SEO optimization is considered a repetition page. MAY has set 301 jumps in the initial stage of the website, and the WWW will be jumped to May90.com without www, but Baidu is still completely ignored. Please see the following figure Site results, how to look at these two inclusive records of WWW.

Let’s share the specific method of operation, let Baidu completely delete the inclusion of the store.

STEP 1. Replace the first selection

Before May, May is a 301 jump set in the WordPress background setting, determine the preference domain as a May90.com without WWW, now you have to replace the May90.com with WWW.

If you are jumping through 301 set by other methods, please replace the preferred domain, 301 jump settings, please refer to: “Three Methods for implementing 301 jump / 301 redirection”.

STEP 2. Baidu search resource platform new site

Baidu Search Resource Platform – User Center – Site Management – Add Websites – May90.com Site with WWW – Verification Site

After adding the site, add the code to the website and how to verify the site, you will be a little bit of your partner. This step is simple.

Step 3. Restore the first selection

According to STEP 1, the WWW will be replaced with a 1st domain without WWW.

Step 4. Apply for a non-preferred domain site closure

Baidu Search Resource Platform – Website Support – Select Sites of Non – preferred Domains (MAY90.com with WWW) – Optimization and Maintenance – Closed Stations Protection – Apply for Closed Stations

Note: You must be the site of the non-preferred domain application closion protection. Closed stations protection can generally be completed within 1 to 3 hours.

Step 5. Verification results

Finally go to the Site instruction to find, the non-first selection of WWW has not been completely unique.

Let Baidu completely prohibit income non-preferred domains, has been solved ~~~