Learn Google Analytics tips, let you stand out

I. URL Tagging URL Tracking Directory

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Google Analytics As a free data statistics, Google, has been widely praised, and the function is also very powerful. Just join a JS code on the website page, you can see a very detailed chart report by Google Analytics background. As a network marketer, Google Analytics is one of the necessary data analysis tools, learn these tips for Google Analytics, let you stand out.

I. URL Tagging URL Tracking

A online marketing personnel have a very important job to calculate the return on investment ROI based on the source of traffic for future reasonable investment and planning. Google Analytics has some default “sources”, such as: Direct, Baidu, Google, etc. If you have your own marketing activities, you need to distinguish this part of the traffic to do accurate analysis, but Google Analytics cannot auto-tagging you want to customize this part of the traffic, you need you to take the initiative to tell Google Analytics, with campaign url builder Tools, add some parameters to the URL, convenient for Google Analytics identification. To give a chestnut, what users have entered your website by scan your QR code, you can read this article carefully before you have written an article “How to monitor the QR code scanning source through Google Analytics”, which has detailed Tutorial. In addition, it is more likely to be promoted on a platform, or you monitor the links in your email, you can raise a non-three, by generating a trackable URL with the Campaign URL Builder, as long as you have access, Google Analytics can Easily recognize. Is it Amazing?

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