Interpretation of the working principle of Google Search Engine

What is search engine crawling and crawling? What is search engine index? What is search engine ranking? content

The existence of search engines is to discover, understand and organize the contents of the Internet to provide the most relevant results for problems raised by the search. To display in search results, your content must first be visible to the search engine. It can be said that this is the most important part of the SEO problem: If you can’t find your site, you will never appear in the Serp (Search Engine Results page).

Interpretation of the working principle of Google Search Engine

Search engine works, mainly divided into three parts:

Crawling and crawling: Search content on the Internet to see the code / content of each URL they find.

Index: The content stored and organized in the crawl process. Once the page enters an index, it has the opportunity to display in the query results.

Rank: Provide the content that can be the most able to answer the searcher query, which means that the sorting method of search results is most relevant to the least correlation.

What is search engine crawling and crawling?

Crawling is a discovery process, search engine spiders find new and updated content. The content may be different – may be a web page, image, video, pdf, etc., but no matter how the format is, the content is discovered by links.

Search Engine robots (also known as spiders) will crawl on page by page to find new content and update.

GoogleBot first gets some web pages and follows the links on these pages to find new URLs. By finding new content along the link and adds it to an index (the index is a huge database of the URL).

What is search engine index?

Search Engine Processing and Store information found in the index, indexes are the huge database they find and consider all content sufficient to serve the searcher.

What is search engine ranking?

When someone performs a search, the search engine searches for highly relevant content in the index and then sorts these content to solve the search. The relevance sorting of the search results is called ranking. Usually, you can assume that the rank of the website is, the higher the search engine, the higher the relevant website and the query.

Google said: It is possible to prevent your part or all websites from accessing the search engine crawler, or indicating that the search engine avoids storing some pages in its index. Although this may have a certain reason, if you want the searcher to find your content, you must first make sure that its climbing program is accessible and can be indexed. Otherwise, it is as good as the invisibility.