Image Optimization Importance of SEO Optimization

I. Image Optimization II. Image Optimization Format. Picture Optimization Size. Image Optimization Attribute Directory

Picture optimization is both an art, also a science, a picture optimization is an art because there is no best specific solution for a single picture, and the picture optimization is a science, because many developed very Excellent methods and algorithms can significantly reduce the size of the picture. To find the optimal settings of the image, you need to carefully analyze in many dimensions: formatting capacity, encoded data content, pixel size, etc.

Many SEO optimizations are optimized by the website, and they often have ignored pictures optimization. Today we will talk about the importance of pictures optimization on SEO optimization.

I. Importance of image optimization

Do you like to watch the article? Still like to watch the articles of the picture? May believes that many people prefer to watch the articles of the graphic and so much, which will not be too boring. Good pictures can alleviate users’ visual fatigue, and improve users to browse the experience; The picture is also seen to the search engine, but the search engine cannot identify the content on the picture, and the picture needs to be optimized to help the search engine better understand the content on the picture.

II. Image optimization format

Different image formats have their own different features, and select the picture format is the first step in the image optimization.

Picture Format Compression Mode Transparency Animation Browser Compact Scene JPEG Lossless Compression Does Not Support All Complex Colors and Shapes, Especially Photos PNG Lossless Compression Support does not support all transparent background GIF non-destructive compression support All simple colors, animation APNG lossless compression Support for Firefox, Safari, Safari iOS translucent animation, WEBP, loss, loss, damage, support for Chrome, Opera Android, Chrome Android Browser complex color and shape, browser has SVG lossless compression support to support all (IE8 or more) simple graphics, good Removal experience, dynamic control picture effects

1. Need a colorful picture, JPEG (JPG) is a general choice:

JPG reserved in the case of low compression ratio;

The structure of the human eye is suitable for viewing the JPG compressed picture, which can fully ignore the compressed parts and make up in the brain;

WEBP can reduce the volume of 30% from JPG, but there is currently a problem of poor compatibility.

2. Need a picture of the transparent background, PNG is better

The PNG can define 256 transparent hierarchicals for the original image such that the edges of the color image can be smoothly fused with any background, thus eliminating the sideways.

3. Need more common animation, GIF is the only choice

The picture of the GIF format has become a disciplined animation format in people’s minds, and there are multiple pictures saved as a picture to form an animation.

If you are really difficult to distinguish the format of the picture, please remember: Transparent to PNG, animation to find GIF, other JPG.

3. Picture Optimization Size

Many times we will be very entangled, the picture is too big, the speed will be very slow; the picture is too small, it is not very clear, affecting the user experience. At this time, we often need to grasp a degree, let the pictures make the picture as small as possible as much as possible. One of the places that need us to pay special is that we must control the size of the picture happens to display the size of the desired size. The size of the picture happens to display the size you need, the size of the picture happens to show the desired size, important things Say three times! How to understand? For example, the image you uploaded is 200 * 200px, but the display is called 100 * 100px, the picture is reduced when the picture shows, on the one hand, the picture gives people feel unclear; on the other hand, the browser needs first After loading the 200 * 200PX size picture, then reduce the picture to 100 * 100px, where 200 * 200-100 * 100 = 30000 pixels are waste, affect the load time. Remind again: The picture size happens to display the desired size!

Four. Picture optimization attribute

First, we must know that the picture is IMG tag, five of which have five properties: Width, Height, SRC, Alt, Title. A formal way is to write the five major properties of the picture. We sometimes lazy to ignore some properties. Details determine success or failure, write five major attributes completely, and optimize the picture in invisible, which is important for SEO optimization.

1. Width and Height properties define the width and high of the image, and the search engine is based on the width and height property values ??to determine the size of the image.

2. SRC is the link address of the image, which can be a relative path, or an absolute path, each has advantages and disadvantages, considering the use of relative paths in the future; and the advantage of absolute path is to reduce the identification time, facilitating Quick loading and SEO optimization.

3. Alt property, to the current location, the search engine spider can not identify the image content, the Alt property value is to see the search engine, which helps the search engine better understand the picture content.When the Alt property is optimized, we need to pay special attention to multiple pictures, don’t repeat, that is, don’t be exactly the same, and don’t stack tips, it is easy to think about cheating.Do a good job in ALT image optimization, greatly improve the friendship between search engines.4. Title property is easy to be forgotten and ignored. In fact, Title and Alt are equally important. When the user’s mouse is staying on the picture, the content in Title is a lot of assistance, which will also present once.Key words.

Summary: Picture Optimization is an important part of SEO optimization to help search engines understand and understand the content of the picture, improve search engine friendliness; help users understand the text more vividly, so that users can read.

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