I often have a few views ignored by the webmaster. Do you have any tricks?

1. Server performance 2. Domain name resolution 3. Traffic 4. Backup 5. Mentality directory

SEO optimization is a process of continuous self-review and experience summary, thereby improving its SEO technology. But some details are often easily ignored, even in the station head, you will find that many webmasters easily ignore some problems. And SEO is precisely a special job that needs attention to detail. Therefore, several views often have been ignored by the webmaster, whether it is a new and old webmer, you need special attention to see if you have any tricks?

Server performance

The server is a power system that drives a website, directly determines whether the user can access the website smoothly.

At the same time, as a webmaster also needs to monitor the server: such as the CPU usage, memory, site log, whether there is a safe vulnerability. Regular performance monitoring of server performance is conducive to ensuring safe and stable operation of the website. I know more about some server knowledge, and it is also very helpful for SEO optimization in the future.

2. Domain analysis

Domain name parsing correctly or not to directly determine the SEO operation in the later website, a very important policy in SEO is a page corresponding to a unique URL. If the domain name resolution configuration error, open domain name is resolved or not determined the website’s first selection, which will cause a large number of duplicate content and weight dispersion.

3. Traffic

Many webmasters often look too important. It is a pursuit of traffic and ignores the quality of the articles, causing the whole station to get too high, thus causing a series of issues: the keyword is ranked, the flow is falling, and the flow is lost.

SEO optimization should be in the case of ensuring user premise, fully standing in the user’s perspective, providing quality to meet the needs of user needs, this is a long-term development of a website.

4. Backup

Server Data Backup + Site Content Backup is a question that many webmasters are easy to ignore. With the increase of the content of the website, we cannot predict a lot of things in the future. In order to avoid some of the problems caused by some irresistible or human error operations, we should make a good response in advance, and make a backup in time, and do nothing to do.

5. Mentality

Viewing the website data is a job in the daily day of the webmaster. Key words ranking, happy; keyword rankings, sad; traffic rising, excitement; traffic falls, frustrating … The change of website data is always in the heart.

Website data change is a very normal phenomenon, and the key is how the webmasters go to analyze data: whether it is normal or exception. Don’t decline themselves because of the first time, it is recommended to calm, more observation, more analysis … Don’t be proud of the rankings or traffic rises by time, earnestly summarize the experience, and actively expand new Key words, enhances their SEO skills.

Summary: SEO is a fine, in addition to the above views often neglected by the webmaster, there is still a lot of details worth thinking, go to learn. The five points mentioned above are for your reference only. Of course, if you have more views, you also welcome you to communicate with us.