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1. What is the http status code? II. HTTP four-step workflow three. Common status code classification four. Common HTTP status code 5. View http status code directory

There are two main characters on the Internet, namely clients and servers. When you open your laptop and click a browser (such as Google Chrome), you are accessing the Internet via the web client. You are requesting to send to the web server to access the page. Sometimes we can successfully see the page; but sometimes you will see some HTTP status codes such as 500 INTERNAL Server, 502 Bad Gateway, 404 Not Found. To help you understand different types of status code and meanings, May SEO blogs prepare a full list of HTTP status codes for you. You can save this page screenshot or all in your browser’s favorites.

1. What is the http status code?

When we visit a webpage, our browser issues a request to the server where the web page is located. When the browser receives and displays the web page, the server where this web page returns an information head that contains the HTTP status code. The status code is to tell the status of the server response, through the status code, we can know that the current request is successful or What problems have occurred.

Second. HTTP four-step workflow

The client establishes a connection with the server; after the connection is established, the HTTP request is sent; after the server is connected, the HTTP response information; the information returned by the client receiving server is displayed on the user’s display via the browser, and then the client and the server are broken. Open connection.

Three. Common status code classification

Status Code Response Description 1xx Indication Information Representation Requests Received, Continue Processing 2xx Success Conference Request has been successfully received, understood, accept 3xx redirection To complete requests must be further operated 4xx client error Request with speech error or request cannot be implemented 5xx server-side error server failed to achieve legal request

Fourth. Common HTTP status code

May summarizes some common status codes in SEO optimization:

Status code response Description 200ok success server successfully processed the request 301MOVED Permanently permanently moved to the requested resource is permanently moved to the new location 302Found Temporary jump with 301, 302 is a temporary jump 304NOT MODIFIED unmodified customer cache resource is the latest The client can use the cache directly (the client resource is still valid, the client can directly use the cache resource) 400BAD Request error Request Due to the included syntax error, the current request cannot be understood by the server. Unless modified, the client should not repeat this request 401UNAUTHORIZED unauthorized request require authentication. For webpages that need to be logged in, the server may return this response 403403 Forbidden disable access to prohibiting access page or resource 404404 Not found error Didn’t find a resource 500internal Server Error HTTP500 Internal Server error server encountered an undesirable situation, causing it uncomfortable Request processing. In general, this problem will occur at the server’s program code error, 501Not Implement has not implemented a client using the server unrequited request method 502502 BAD GATEWAY Error Gateway servers as a gateway or agent, in order to complete the request to access the next server, but The server returns an illegal response 503503 Service Unavailable service is not available for the temporary server maintenance or overload, the server is currently unable to process the request. This condition is temporary, and will recover 504504 Gateway Timeout gateway to time-out as a gateway or agency work, you cannot receive a response from the upstream server or auxiliary server in time, 505HTTP Version Not Supported HTTP version is not Support Server does not support HTTP version indicated in the request

5. View http status code

Method 1: Use the Firefox browser, right key “View Element” or press shortcuts F12 – network – status, as shown below:

Method 2: Use the webmaster tool to view the HTTP status

Webmaster Tool – HTTP Status Inquiry

When the search engine optimization (SEO) is involved, the HTTP status code is very important. If you don’t understand the HTTP status, just like we look “Braille”, you will see a lot of symbols, but I don’t know what happened. Therefore, as a developer or web or SEO, you must master these HTTP status codes.

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