How to use the NOFOLLOW tag?

I. What is a Nofollow Tag 2. Two Writings for Nofollow Tags: Third. Usage of Nofollow Tags: Directory

We must inevitably have some export links in the SEO optimization process, and we don’t want spiders to capture or deliver weights, using Nofollow to solve this matter well.

1. What is a NOFOLLOW label

NOFOLLOW is the property value of the A tag in the HTML page. This label means telling the search engine “Do not track links on this page” or “Do not track this specific link”. It is a new label proposed a few years ago, the purpose is to reduce the spam message, this message is likely to be considered a garbage link, which is mainly a property that has been added to the spam. Of course Baidu also supports this label, which has clearly mentioned Baidu Search Engine Guide that Baidu supports the NOFOLLOW label, with the NOFOLLOW tag, will not transfer weight.

Now we already know the role of Nofollow, it is telling a search engine, do not count the link to weight. The purpose of this is to prevent the export link from too much and the weight of the website. So in most cases, we can do some links that don’t want to deliver weights, such as some non-site links, do not want to deliver weights, but also need to add statistical code in the page, file file, for users to query links Waiting for the normal meaningless link.

II. Two ways of writing NOFOLLOW labels:

1. Use “Nofollow” for Meta Tags:

Used to tell the search engine Do not grab all the external and internal links on the page

2. Use “Nofollow” for a tag:

It is used to tell the search engine not to grab the link.

Three. Usage of the NOFOLLOW label:

1. Prevent untrusted content, the most common is the blog spam message or comment, forum posts, social networking sites, etc., because users can leave their links in these places, which are often the most concentrated place in the garbage link. Nowadays, many large blogs and forums are automatically added to the links that appear in the comments or posts.

2. Control the content of page rights in the website. The most common “Privacy” “Privacy” “Privacy” “User Terms” “User Login” and other links, if you do not use the NOFOLLOW tag, the weight will flow average to each link, and these links to user needs and search engines There is no value, but it is a great waste. With the NOFOLLOW tag, you can have a good control of weight to flow to a relatively important page.

3. Friendly link. We exchange friendship links with other webmasters, must pay special attention to whether the friendship link on the other party has a NOFOLLOW label. Otherwise, our so-called friendship link has become one-way link, and we cannot get weights from the other website.