How to solve the problem of high website jump out

1. What is a jump rate? II. How to solve the problem of high website jump out?

Website jump outrage is an important basis for measuring a website experience. The website is high, which means that the user left the website after entering the website. The high and low of the jump rate reflects the good and bad of the website user experience. This article share how to solve the problem of high website jump out?

How to solve the problem of high website jump out

1. What is a jump rate?

The jump rate refers to the percentage of users who leave your website (or “jumping out of the” Back to Search Results or Remarks Website), which is the number of times the user gets away from the website. Percentage value.

According to Rocketfuel research, most websites are between 26% and 70%.

According to the data they collected, they provide various hop yield grading systems:

25% or lower: there may be some problems

26-40%: excellent

41-55%: average

56-70%: higher than normal level, but depending on the website

70% or higher: poor / possibly there are some problems

The overall hop yield of your website will be displayed in the “Audit Group Overview” of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics (Analysis) Audience Group Overview Jump Rate

You can find each channel and pages in the behavior column of Most views of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics (Analysis) Various channels and page outrages

II. How to solve the problem of high website jump extraction rate

1. Meet the content of user needs

Your page title tag and dollar description effectively act as a “billboard” in your website in search results, determines whether the user will click. Once the user clicks, make sure your content matches the content you promote in the title tag and meta, and can meet the needs of users. If you don’t solve the user’s problem, it is very likely that users will leave them directly to leave.

2. Accelerate the website

Website open speed is part of the Google Ranking Algorithm, Google hopes to bring users a good experience, and the website will bring a bad experience to users. If your page load time exceeds a few seconds, the user is likely to wait patiently and choose to leave.

3. Try to minimize unnecessary elements

Don’t use pop-up ads, online promotions and other content that users don’t care about bomb your users. Visual is overwhelmed may cause users to leave.

4. Help users find the content they want as soon as possible

Website rationally navigation structure, internal link construction, search box, etc., help users find the content you want as soon as possible.

Through continuous testing and optimization, I hope that the problem of high jump out of your website can improve.