How to set up in SiteMap, Priority?

May has shared an article “Website map production (WordPress free plug-in)”, recently reviewed SiteMap of many websites, and found some of the previous ignored issues. Take the SiteMap.xml of my previous SiteMap:

MAY is completely moved to Zhang Ge’s Sitemap code, but because May SEO blog will have several articles updates a week, some of which are not particularly appropriate. Explain the code above:

Code Interpretation URLSET Definition. XML Namespace URL Specific Link LOC Page Permally Link Address LastMod Page Last Modified Time CHANGEFREQ Page Content Update Frequency Priority Importance

Let’s take a look at Changefreq and Priority.


It is used to tell the search engine website update cycle, the words described: “Always”, “Hourly”, “Daily”, “Weekly”, “Monthly” Month), “Yearly”. You can use “always” like the homepage; “Yearly” can be used for links for a long time or no longer updating the content.

Baidu official clearly stated that Baidu Spider will refer to the setup cycle to grab the SiteMap file, so please set it according to the update of the SiteMap file content (such as adding new URL). Note that if the URL does not turn only the page content update corresponding to the URL (such as the new reply content for the forum post), it is not within this update. SiteMap tools cannot resolve the page update problem.

Priority: Used to specify the priority ratio of this link relative to other links, the value ranges from 0.0 to 1.0. The greater the value, the higher the priority of this link.

Baidu official prompt: In the XML format SiteMap, “Priority” prompt affects my web page ranking in search results?

Will not. “Priority” tips in SiteMap only indicate the importance of this URL relative to other URLs on your own website, does not affect the rankings in search results.

Here is the code I have modified:

The above code is for your reference only, please modify it according to your actual situation. If you have any questions, you are welcome to leave a message below.