How to select the server operating system (Windows / Linux) through the station program?

We need to purchase a virtual host or server before website construction, which faces the two systems of operating system Windows / Linux:

The service chamber suggests that you choose to choose from the development of the website and the database type, such as:

1. Website development language is ASP, .NET, HTML; Database for Access, SQL Server Select a Windows system.

2. Website development language is PHP, HTML, WAP; database is mysql, SQLite, select the Linux system.

Of course, if you choose the wrong operating system, you can change after 24 hours of success, and overseas nodes do not support replacement operating systems and machine rooms.

Is there a headache that the suggestions given by the above-mentioned service providers is still unclear? After all, we are not a professional IT staff OR website staff, not very understanding for some professional terms. Even if Baidu: What is ASP? What is PHP? What is WAP? What is Access? What is mysql? Unless you have some computer foundation, it is really difficult to understand. We generally think about quickly build your own personal website or enterprise website through a free open source website, then we can choose the operating system of our server according to the station program?

Select the WINDOWS system station program to install simple construction tools, and perform more highlighting Z-Blog compact and powerful open source program to select the Linux system’s website. Weaving Direct system. Large Enterprise Website Discuz Forum is a community-based professional construction platform, which is the highest global maturity, and the largest coverage of the Forum software system has multiple versions that meet small traffic or large-flow websites. It can be expanded directly in the background. Realizing various systems, known as “Universal Website Tools” WordPress is very famous foreign BLOG program, now many people in China, and even many enterprise stations are also used, plug-ins and templates are very rich in Typecho core robust, easy to expand, experience friendship, It is very convenient to run a smooth lightweight open source blog program EMBLOG installation and use. At present, EMLOG is being favored by more and more users.

Do you have anything you have to choose the operating system that suits yourself? The above is only for your reference. May is also constantly learning, if there is something wrong above, please point out.

May use the WordPress building station, naturally choose Linux system, install use through the panel panel, very convenient, basically not touched after installation.

You can also talk about your favorite station programs or operating systems in the comment area. You are welcome to comment.