How to quickly increase Baidu included

Increase Baidu Record 1. Website Site Program + Site Architecture Add Baidu Record II. New Station Protection Increase Baidu Record III. Checking Web Site Domain History Increase Baidu Records. Significant Articles to Meet User Demand Add Baidu Record 5.

I often see the SEO QQ group has a small partner Q: My website is online for a month, and I search for the home page in Baidu has not included it. Don’t mention the page. The new website will pass Baidu’s test period, usually, the new station will be included in a week, but it is still not included in a month after the last month, this confirming that the new station will quickly increase Baidu record? Shorten the cycle of the home page?

Increase Baidu included one. Website site program + website architecture

Many small partners choose the station program when they build websites, which is not conducive to search engines crawling and crawling, adding Baidu’s difficulty; on the selection of the station program, generally recommend the mainstream, the public is recognized. This will be very friendly on the later SEO optimization; if you don’t know how to choose a small partner of the website building program, you can read “SEO resources: How to choose the station system? “

In addition, there are still many small partner website architectures that have not been completed, and they are in a hurry. After the online, the architecture of the entire website is frequently modified, which is very unfriendly on the search engine, and will directly affect the website.

Increase Baidu included two. New Station Protection

“New Station Protection” is a feature of Baidu search resource platform. It is also a feature that may recommend the new station used, but many webmasters will still be ignored, and they do not really use it. Of course, a prerequisite for the use of “New Station Protection” is the website file, Baidu search engine will give the new station for a 2-month preferential treatment, which is a special welfare for the new station. This feature is not available after 2 months. So I suggest that this feature is fully utilized to increase Baidu.

Increase Baidu 10. Check the history of the website domain name

Checking the website domain history is a step to do when choosing a domain name, but many new webmasters are not very clear about this detail, and they will register a domain name with their own feelings; but the website is online after a month, the website is never Searched for the search engine. Listening to the SEO circle said that you can automatically, manually, etc., but you will still be included after a while. Later, I would like to see the reason until I found the domain name of the website before being passed by Baidu K, o (¨s ¡õ ¨t) O. In this case, there are two options: 1. Decisively abandon the domain name, register new domain names; 2. Do not do the search engine optimization that does not contain this domain name. The second method May feels untrue, it is recommended to re-register a new domain name to increase Baidu included.

Increase Baidu Records. High Quality Articles to meet user needs

If the article on your website is through a lot of collection or plagiarism, Baidu does not include this is not surprising. The quality of the page is too bad, mostly with other websites, which is hard to let Baidu search engines. Of course, it is not to finish the full original article will let Baidu include the record, don’t forget, the user experience is all premises! Your content is to give the user, you must really meet the high-quality articles of user needs, the user feeds back on your page, such as access time, page access depth, etc., search engines can identify your article. Hello. Therefore, high-quality articles that meet user needs are the key to increasing Baidu included!

Increase Baidu included five.

There are more and more voices today, the outer chain has no effect, the outer chain does not help any help! Don’t really have any effect? While creating a high-quality article, if you add a little apart, you will have a little help, at least you can add the search engine to find your website, the search engine will find your site according to your chain, the vint of the hugs and find your website; Users read your outer chain articles or information elsewhere, if you are interested, will you visit your website, these are used for your website? Of course, it is useful, because the outer chain is also a way to increase Baidu included, but also a way to increase user access. Of course, don’t forget to add “external” modifiers before the “external chain”, not to say a new station, you can get a chain, so it is easy to make the search engine mistake to think that you are cheating, so the new station Be sure to grasp “degree”, it is best to control “quality”!

Increase Baidu included, need each detail to come and enter. SEO is physical activity, but also to optimize “brain”!