How to optimize SEO

1. Learn what is SEO? 2. Understand your audience group 3. Understand search engine 4. Understand the foundation process of website SEO optimization 5. SEO mentality directory

For many new hands SEO small partners, they have always been very concerned about “how SEO is optimized”, and the station leader has been discussing this topic. For many companies, the traffic acquired by SE is very large, and often very specific, high intention of flow. Because of this, a batch of SEO optimization personnel have born. Below, how do we optimize specific SEO in several ways?

How to optimize SEO

1. Learn what is SEO?

What does seo mean? The small partner who has just been taken is not particularly known for SEO. When the user searches a certain problem in the search engine, the search results contain two parts, some of which are advertisements, including the “advertising”, which is not the work of SEO; and the other is natural search results, which information is present In the previous question, this is the opportunity to shine in SEO. SEO is to find more traffic to get our website with a variety of technical means to rank more traffic.

2. Learn about your audience group

Understanding people are searching for anything directly related to your business. Even understandings they are looking for a variety of things that are closely related to your business. These representing SEO staff need to help answer their questions, solve their problems and win their trust. Therefore, understand your audience group, which is convenient to master the direction of the future of the website.

3. Understand the search engine

Many SEO novices don’t understand the working principle of search engines. We enter search words in search engines, often less than 1 second, come out thousands of search results, and a small search button is hidden behind the mystery. Understand search engines, have a very positive role in the development of the website work.

4. Understand the basic flow of website SEO optimization

Website SEO optimizes the basic process, which is essential for SEO optimizations. Only the basic process can be more conducive to the development of SEO optimization. Of course, you can’t completely press the class, SEO is also a work that is diligent, good at summarizing.

5. SEO mentality

The keyword is ranked, the index is reduced, and the traffic is full of traffic … It is the problem that SEO is often facing. Even the SEO master, it does not guarantee that the indicators of their website have always present the rising gesture. SEO is too much uncertainty, SEO needs to make it constantly challenge yourself and motivate yourself.

Whether you do anything, you have the right mentality to do well, SEO is no exception.

How is SEO optimized? There are a lot of thin branches involved, and SEO is a technology life. The 5 points described above are general directions, for reference only.