How to operate Baidu statistics? (Trackevent code)

I. Baidu Statistical Event Tracking TRACKEVENT Scene 2. Baidu Statistical Event Tracking TRACKEVENT Settings Steps

In the process of SEO optimization, research user behavior data is very important, such as: video playback, file download quantity, number of goods purchase, number of links, etc. These data makes us better understand the user and make adjustment optimization on the website. This article mainly explains how to use custom trace object methods TRACKEVENT code, how to operate?

I. Baidu statistical event tracking TRACKEVENT applicable scene

1. Click on the AJAX page element;

2. Playback / stop operation of the player, start / pause operation of the web game;

3. All events in Flash can be counted by the interface, as long as the user is in response to user operation, it is possible to call the JS interface through flash;

4. Document download, consultation, etc. Important buttons, monitoring of event elements;

II. Baidu Statistical Event Tracking TRACKEVENT Settings Steps

1. Install Baidu statistics; (must install the statistics code on the website, the following event can track)

2. When you want to track an event, call the event tracking code in the JS, as follows:

_hmt.push ([‘_ trackevent’, category, action, opt_label, opt_value]);

Name whether the class function category must be monitored Type Name Action Ren String User Sworm Motion Movement Name Opt_Label Optional String Event Opt_Value Optional Number Contra Group Related NuMBER


1. Use TrackeVent to monitor a link:

For example, if I want to follow the “SEO Tutorial” link in the “404 page” article, how many people click? Join this code in this link A tag:

Onclick = “_ hmt.push ([‘_ trackEvent’, ‘Article’, ‘Click’, ‘JC’]”

Among them, ‘article’ refers to the type name of the target to monitor, ‘Click’ indicates that the click of the target link is to be monitored, ‘JC’ is equivalent to a label or note.

2. Monitor Music / Video Playback and Pause

The user clicks the play button will play “My Love” song, then you can monitor play or suspension events in the corresponding event handler:

_hmt.push ([‘_ trackEvent’, ‘video’, ‘play’, ‘my love’]);

_hmt.push ([‘_ trackEvent’, ‘video’, ‘pause’, ‘my love’]);

3. Monitor the download amount of the PDF file

How many people have downloaded a PDF file, the code reference is as follows:

‘Software’ refers to the type name of the target to monitor, ‘Download’ means that the click to monitor the click of the target link, ‘PDF’ is equivalent to a label or note.

3. View “Event Track” report, you can see the data for the specified event in the report.

Baidu Statistics ¡ú Access Analysis ¡ú Event Analysis

It is important to note that the set tracking target requires someone to click / download, there will be data display Ó´.

The above is the understanding and understanding of how to operate the Baidu statistical event for a whole morning. If you are the same as May, you can simply understand the user clicking or downloading behavior. It happens to be the tracking target we set, triggered the TARCKEVENT code set by the tracking target. This code feeds the data to Baidu statistics, then display In the report. If you still don’t understand, it doesn’t matter, you don’t need too much to entangle it. The principle of tracking is not needed. If you don’t bring your brain (I often do this), sprinkle, directly according to the above operation.

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